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#SocialChallenge Day 16: What are you 5 greatest accomplishments?

5 Greatest Accomplishments….

In life, some accomplishments are considered great, others just ordinary, but depending on who was able to accomplish that task is usually how people judge the greatness of it. You know what I mean? So if I started by saying I graduated high school and succeeded at graduating from college in fours years without changing my major 5 times, some might be like well I did that too and that is no big deal. So I don’t guess I can put those on my list of greatest accomplishments.

Now being that I graduated college and accepted a job shortly thereafter at the school where I did my student teaching some would be like well see you already had a foot in the door at that school so that was no biggie either. But I did start teaching and was out in the real world on my own. My parents sold the house I grew up in shortly after I graduated from college. They were like good luck, you found a job, now find a place to live too! Got that accomplished too! I was feeling like I could do it all!

My first year teaching progressed into being a public educator for 13 years across 3 districts, but mainly Houston ISD! Thirteen was my lucky number when it came to this career. I worked until my last set of 8th graders accomplished their year in 2010. Managed to meet, date and marry the man of my dreams during my teaching career and that last year of teaching ended and I gave birth to our daughter in June once school was out. Since that time, I have been a stay at home mom. Raising our daughter and son is an awesome task. I LOVE every minute of it, even though some times I question my ability to keep it up on a daily basis. They sure know how to tire me out – museum trips, park play dates, arts and crafts at home, it never ends and did I mention they don’t like naps. It is almost like a full time job to make them play so hard that they can’t help but take a nap, but keeping that activity level up for them makes me tired too!


Now, you realize, I never said I wrote a book or got nominated for teacher of the year, but none the less, I did write curriculum for others to implement in their classroom when it came to teaching science. I also wrote 13 years worth of lesson plans, because not a year went by that I felt it was appropriate to just use last year’s plans. I might have looked to them as a guide and looked back at my notes on how to improve the lesson and therefore took this new year as an opportunity to re-write the plan and improve on what I did in my classroom. I collaborated with other teachers, mentored teachers, provided training to other teachers, and enjoyed teaching ALL the children that entered my classroom each year. Sometimes I even made the year longer for myself by taking on the challenge of teaching summer school. I did however in this time of teaching,  accomplish the task of creating a list of names that I would NEVER name my child because it might remind me of THAT child, but that is just a side note that happens to most teachers as they go through years of teaching.

So all in all, my accomplishments in life may not seem all that GRAND to most, but each day we all have our own struggles in our walk in life, some may have more, others less. I have been blessed to have a relatively ordinary life by most peoples standards. But for me that is a great accomplishment in itself. I have a wonderful family and am enjoying a terrific life with them. Thank God for blessing me with the ordinary!

Rodan + Fields In the News AGAIN!


It is so exciting when I hear stories about Rodan + Fields appearing in the news, being featured in a magazine article, or receiving other press mentions! We are always getting unsolicited media coverage and the news is always GREAT! In just the past week, there have been featured news stories with the doctors about the legacy brand they are creating and about the direct selling model.

Most recent, yesterday on the Today Show: Click to see the news reel roll —> How the direct sales method is helping moms earn extra cash As a stay at home mom, I can relate to this featured story! I get the best of both worlds – owning my own business that generates an income for my family AND being home with my family!


And see those women in the picture with the doctors below? Those are MAJOR beauty editors in New York City being educated by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields on the NEW PRODUCT that will be released in September! This is sure to be ALL OVER THE MEDIA in no time! The last time a new product was released, it SOLD OUT – and guess what? The new product will ONLY be available to the public through consultants like me (and YOU if you take the plunge and jump on board NOW!) INTERESTED? I would love to share this with you! Or with friends of yours. Do you know anyone in Canada? We are going global and Pre-Enrollment is now open for Canadians that want to start their own business as well. Ask me more about how to start your own business – where you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 


Last but not least, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields were on Fox Business News AGAIN on the morning of August 8th, talking about how their new company is utilizing social media to create entrepreneurs. CLICK HERE to SEE the interview—> bit.ly/DrsOnFoxNews 

Word of mouth is so validating — why not use products that are guaranteed to work, and get paid to talk about it? WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW? Contact me for more details.


#SocialChallenge Day 11: Describe 10 pet peeves you have

tarabuck_pet_peeve_trash10 Pet Peeves

1. Over-filled trash cans

2. Dirty dishes piling up in the sink

3. Clean laundry that is not folded, but waiting in a pile

4. Pen tappers or clickers – they have to make noise with their pen no matter what

5. Not putting the toilet lid down before flushing the toilet

6. Leaving your trash behind on the floor or under your seat at the movies, stadium, concert, etc.

7. Breaking one fingernail because then I have to trim them all

8. Socks that do not fit right, or slide down in my shoes

9. Droopy or saggy pants on children, teens and especially grown folks…. Pull up your pants!

10. Asking for help, but not putting it to good use