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Networking with Friends

Networking with Friends is always better than networking alone…. don’t you think? Come out and join us on August 11th. Celebrate National Girlfriends Day (which was August 1st) by bringing a friend along with you to grow together! Bring plenty of business cards and tons of positive energy to share with others! Want more details or need to RSVP? Check it out on Facebook and Meetup or get your ticket below!

We will network for one hour. You can mix, mingle and pass out your business cards to anyone that will take them! Of course, we all will because we like to build new connections. Then we will transition into the Radical Referrals meeting at 7pm. Our twice monthly meeting for The Cypress, Texas location is lead by Elissa Kirchner and lasts one hour. You can learn more about this referral group and consider how it will help you build your business.

If you want to help yourself while helping others, stop by for a no-obligation visit. When you decide to join us, we have an enrollment fee that is very budget friendly. We are building a community of strong business relationships based on mutual respect, support and encouragement. We usually stay after the meeting to connect further, so put some extra time on your calendar and come out.

Many positions are open! See you there!

Networking Time!

Are you ready for NETWORKING?

We are a group (20 strong) of local business women that would like to extend an open invitation to others in our area that are ready to share about their business and learn about ours. Our local group is called Radical Referrals The Woodlands. We are a small piece of the larger pie Radical Referrals USA, a group started by Susan Kildahl out of Colorado.

Our Woodlands leader is Alison Morrow, author and It Works distributor. She is growing our group and encouraging us to build our businesses stronger by asking for business at the handshake, but also teaching that it is okay to respectfully decline. We meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month for one hour, same time and same location so it easy to plan for and kids are welcome, if they are healthy and well-behaved. We welcome guests to come visit and learn more about what we do to help each other grow stronger businesses! Our monthly meeting will follow the open networking event. All are welcome to attend the meeting following the networking session.

We would appreciate knowing if you can attend the networking event.

Networking-Meet and Greet -july6-TSD

Please let us know with a Facebook RSVP or a Meetup RSVP. Thank you! There is no obligation to stay for our monthly meeting unless you would like to learn more about Radical Referrals The Woodlands.

Take a look at this video to see what happens at one of our meetings and a general list of more businesses we are looking to grow with us!

Come grow your business with us!

Let’s Meetup and Network!

Are you ready to Network?

Jill Franks and I will be hosting a Meet & Greet Networking event at Casa Medina Mexican Restaurant. Want to see the details? Click HERE.

Come out and join us for networking and business building. Bring your business cards and cash & carry that you have on hand. Mix, Mingle and perhaps even make a little jingle. All are welcome to join us and meet other business owners in the area. We welcome you to share what you do and learn about others in attendance as well. Meeting others may help you to build relationships that will help you and everyone present to build stronger businesses.

Come KNOCKOUT Networking with us!