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Rodan + Fields In the News AGAIN!


It is so exciting when I hear stories about Rodan + Fields appearing in the news, being featured in a magazine article, or receiving other press mentions! We are always getting unsolicited media coverage and the news is always GREAT! In just the past week, there have been featured news stories with the doctors about the legacy brand they are creating and about the direct selling model.

Most recent, yesterday on the Today Show: Click to see the news reel roll —> How the direct sales method is helping moms earn extra cash As a stay at home mom, I can relate to this featured story! I get the best of both worlds – owning my own business that generates an income for my family AND being home with my family!


And see those women in the picture with the doctors below? Those are MAJOR beauty editors in New York City being educated by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields on the NEW PRODUCT that will be released in September! This is sure to be ALL OVER THE MEDIA in no time! The last time a new product was released, it SOLD OUT – and guess what? The new product will ONLY be available to the public through consultants like me (and YOU if you take the plunge and jump on board NOW!) INTERESTED? I would love to share this with you! Or with friends of yours. Do you know anyone in Canada? We are going global and Pre-Enrollment is now open for Canadians that want to start their own business as well. Ask me more about how to start your own business – where you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 


Last but not least, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields were on Fox Business News AGAIN on the morning of August 8th, talking about how their new company is utilizing social media to create entrepreneurs. CLICK HERE to SEE the interview—> bit.ly/DrsOnFoxNews 

Word of mouth is so validating — why not use products that are guaranteed to work, and get paid to talk about it? WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW? Contact me for more details.


#Social Challenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Myself…Jennifer Larivey


20 Random Facts about Myself…Jennifer Larivey

Taking this challenge is a great opportunity.  You would think that listing facts about yourself would be easy but it’s not as easy as it seems. LOL!  So I challenge you to make this list.  You will learn a lot about yourself and make you aware of “WHO YOU ARE!”


  1. Mother of 3 Beautiful Girls
  2. Professional woman
  3. Author
  4. Publisher
  5. Area Director of WSN for Texas
  6. Oil & Gas Consultant & Advocate
  7. Professional Speaker
  8. Passion for Empowering Women
  9. RollerCoaster Enthusiast
  10. Most of my closet is filled with Black & Red
  11. I love the colors: purple, pink, & blue
  12. Wake up at 4 am everyday
  13. Own 2 magazines
  14. Advocate of Healthy Living
  15. Wellness Coach
  16. Love Networking & Connecting People
  17. Hospice advocate
  18. Love to Dance
  19. Love to Write
  20. Love Social Media

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Sheldon Buck


The Big 20 about Sheldon Buck

1. Graduate of Texas Tech University
2. Grew up in Humble, TX
3. Civil Engineer by trade
4. Lived in Georgia
5. Spent 3 months in Australia
6. Reconstructed a home in the Heights
7. Worked on designs for a hundred wastewater plants
8. Graduated from Humble High School
9. Have 2 children
10. Currently designing my dream home
11. Have broken my wrist once
12. Enjoy Rving with the family
13. Have been to 4 countries
14. Snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef
15. Have been to Mt. Rushmore
16. Own a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
17. Raised chickens in FFA
18. No tomatoes on my What-a-burger
19. Diet Coke is my soft drink of choice
20. Married to Tara Buck