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Deb Perkins: Senior Independent Beauty Consultant/Team Leader at Mary Kay

Do you think PINK?

Spring has arrived today!!! You might be thinking of a new spring wardrobe…. won’t you need new colors to match? If you are looking for a new line of cosmetics or skincare, my friend Deb Perkins is color certified, specializes in skincare, and enjoys getting to know her clients and their specific needs. Deb is a Senior Independent Beauty Consultant/Team Leader at Mary Kay.

Currently, Deb is hosting an online event to pre-view and share with friends and family about the “Paradise Calling” Limited Edition spring line! Want to connect with Deb? Check out the online event! She is offering super specials each day. She can guide your through making a selection to best fit your needs and even better, if you want to take full advantage of the opportunity, she can share the possibilities with you of joining her team.

My recent purchase from Deb, the new Exotic Orchid Nail Lacquer by Mary Kay

Deb has been building her own business one face at a time over the past 8 years and she loves what she does! While having a business that she loves, she is also a wife and mother! This recent photo was captured while helping others to feel more beautiful while getting headshots by a local photographer! How awesome – taking your kids along while you work a job you love – and helping others to feel more beautiful…. Need I say more?


You can find Deb in many places online. Check out tese links and connect with Deb: Mary Kay Website; Deb Perkins on Facebook; Deb Perkins Mary Kay Facebook Page

She would love to serve you!

#SocialChallenge Day 18: The hardest thing to forgive was…

The hardest thing to forgive was…

I’ve mentioned in one of my other blogs about my mother being murdered when I was 2 1/2 years old.  This took place in 1979 in Houston, Texas right off of state highway 59 North.  My mother was going to be meeting up with my dad to go out with some friends to a local bar off of Lee Road.  My dad was already over in that area because that is pretty much where my family has always lived and he had been over at a friend’s house in that area so, they agreed on just meeting there.  My mom was at their home and got dressed and decided that she would stop at her best friend’s house on the way out to see if she wanted to go with them.

Her friend lived in the same neighborhood as she did and honestly everyone that knew this woman knew she wasn’t a true best friend to my mom, but for some reason my mom liked her anyways.  She went up to the door and a man answered the door whom she had never met before.  She asked for the friend and he said “She’s not here”.  My mom then asked could she use the phone and he told her “Yes, go next door to my mom’s house and use it there”.  In the Cold Case file reports he stated that he knew the minute he saw her that he was going to kill her.  He followed her over to the mother’s house, raped her, and stabbed her with an Ice Pick (his murder weapon of choice) and stuffed her in her car where he took her to Lee Road and dumped her on the side of the bayou.  He is a serial killer and it wasn’t just strangers that he killed, he actually killed his own sister-in-law and her 5 year old son.  He then stuffed them under a cattle gate in Marshall, Texas.  Back to the best friend who really wasn’t her best friend at all.  This man was her cousin and she later reported that they knew he had cleaned up the room and had always known he had killed her.

tarabuck_Forgiveness_word_bubbleThis man who’s name is Danny Paul Bible currently sits on death row in Livingston, Texas where he has a place to lay his head, warm food, one hour a day to go outside, and watches TV every day.  He was arrested in Louisiana on rape and attempted murder charges and was currently serving his time in the Angola Prison, but he stated that he wanted to return back home to Texas and the only way he could come to Texas was if he has committed a crime.  This is when he told them to get a hold of the detectives that were on the Inez Deaton cold cause, get him a carton of cigarettes, and a bible so that he could tell them everything.  So he did just that.

It was a 24 year old Cold Case and was even shown on Cold Case Files TV show over and over.  It’s been 10 years since he was sentence to death row and he’s still sitting there taking up tax payer’s money. I lost my mother that day.  There was not another day that I got to see her, hear her voice, or even grow up with her because this man decided he wanted to kill her just because. My whole life growing up I hated the man that had done this to my family and I wanted him dead.  With all of this hate inside of me came a lot of bitterness and anger that just over flowed into my life over the years.  On July 16, 2003 he was sentenced to death row and that same day my daughter Bayli was born.  I will forever remember the day that my life was blessed twice in one day with the justice for my mother and the beauty of the birth of my second child.  It’s been a struggle and even at times I’ve had to remind myself that God forgives those who forgive.  I have tried since 2007 to slowly forgive this man and there are days that I feel I’ve forgiven him just a little more but then there are days that I ask God, “How could all sin be equal and can be forgiven”?  As much as I know that I need God to forgive me of ALL my sins I just wish that people who do things like this or worse had to work a little harder at getting their forgiveness and ticket into heaven.

With that said I still want to be at his execution, I could care less about his last words,  I am believing God’s words that his Wrath is worse than any other wrath to be given, and I pray that God will make things right completely for all those who have been hurt as I have or worse.

#SocialChallenge Day 7: What is my dream job

What is my dream job… hmmm

My answer to this has changed dramatically throughout my lifetime, Ha!

tarabuck_7_dayseven7_socialchallengeI will be brave to say I have my dream job. It won’t sound glamorous and it is certainly not what I thought a dream job was a few years back, but I’ve come to realize a dream job is one that fulfills you not only pay-wise but heart-wise. I obtained my dream job when my 1st daughter was born and knew I had job security when my 2nd born arrived! Hahaha… my job as a mother has fulfilled me in ways that no other job could fulfill me. I am a homeschooling mom learning daily how to become better at it and on the same token striving to encourage other moms and women as they too realize being a mom is the best job ever!

#Social Challenge Day 3 – My relationship with my parents

My Relationship with My Parents


I know God is interceding here with this one… I couldn’t get myself to writing yesterday because my dad just went back to California after spending 5 months with me due to medical issues. So this hits home hard.

I LOVE my dad, I’ll start there. He is the most free spirited man I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’s a jolly, go lucky type of guy, walks around without a care in the world. He’s also very sensitive, I got my sensitivity from him and I wish I would’ve inherited his free spirit as well. He is a fine cook! I love eating my dads food! He is not you’re typical family man type of guy, I don’t remember my dad ever playing with us as kids, I don’t remember my dad watching me from the sidelines when I played volleyball nor marching with the band when I was in drill team. I don’t remember eating dinner with him at the table after school in the evenings. I don’t remember him helping me with my homework or asking me how my day went at school.

There are many things I don’t remember about my dad. I do however, remember occasions on a one time basis, like taking me to Burger King for an apple pie I was drooling over just thinking of it at the time, I remember that like it was yesterday. I also remember him finally giving in to buying me a hot pink binder with pretty dividers, I cried over in the grocery store aisle where they had all the school supplies. It was the most beautiful binder I had ever seen! Although there are many things I don’t understand about my father’s ways, what I do understand and know is that he is the man the Lord chose to be my earthly father and although I feel I was deprived from my father’s love, affection, time, support, I love him with all my heart and soul. The best way I can describe my relationship with my dad is a “Love/Hate” relationship where love dominates regardless of how much hurt I feel at times when I think of all I need and want from my dad.

I had to describe him a bit first, so that my relationship with him would easily be illustrated and smoothly intertwine with the story. My dad has become an amazingly loving grandfather to all of his grandchildren and that fills in some of the holes in my heart. I will end by saying, I love my dad and still hope for a father/daughter relationship with my dad.


My relationship with my mom is amazing! My mom has been with me through thick and thin. She is my rock and her strength and ability to raise 4 kids practically on her own, boggles my mind! As a mother of two and having full support of my husband, I sympathize and hurt just thinking of all that she endured during those critical years as a new mom trying to make ends meet on her own. I remember coming home as a child from school and sitting on top of her sewing machine, this woman of steel had big ole’, industrial sewing machines. She worked for the big department stores and as she sewed her life away, I would sit and talk with her about my entire day, at school… from beginning to end. I still remember the heat of the lamp light she needed to carefully thread the needle and needles when she worked on her over lock sewing machine.
As long as I can remember, my mom was always bent over a sewing machine in our home. She took care of us, like a hen cares for her chicks, I hope I don’t offend anyone by making this analogy but it is the most purest, loving way I can describe it. She hovered over us like her most priced possessions the Lord gifted her with.

As the years have gone by my mom has changed in ways that I feel have to do with the hardship she endured. At times I don’t see eye to eye with her and tend to forget what she’s been through and the reasoning behind her ways now that she is older. I believe in total restoration through Gods grace and letting go of those chains that tie us down to strongholds developed throughout years of suffering and enduring difficult life situations. The difficulties I face at times in our mother/daughter relationship I believe is part of Gods work as he restores her and frees her from the chains she’s been carrying around. Without my mom, I wouldn’t be the person that I am right now and more importantly, without her I couldn’t continue growing and becoming the woman I know I am still to become. Her continued steady and strong walk in life, her LOVE and affection without limits for her grandchildren, her continued support for all of her four grown children never ceases. She surpasses the definition of being a mother. There aren’t enough words to describe the mother the Lord has blessed me with.
My mom is my heart, my rock, my constant, my blessing! I love my mom with every fiber in my body!


I’ve been crying and typing the entire time, as I’ve made my way back in time and back to the present.  Hope everyone is enjoying writing as much as I am.  Thanks Tara for this opportunity.

#SocialChallenge Day 2: 3 fears I have

What do I FEAR?

By definition as a noun: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat

as a verbbe afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.


When I think of the word fear, I think of being afraid of something first. So by definition, I would be using it as a verb, but upon further evaluation of what my first fear is, it is more so a noun.

I fear that I will not be a good mother to my children. CRAZY, right? I spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 years a day with them, but yet I fear I may not be good enough. I see so many other mothers leave their kids with grandma for the day or week, or while they run errands. Sure that makes life easier for them to get things accomplished, but I don’t like to part with my kids even though I know sometimes I need a break from them for my own mental health. I think about my interactions with them and wonder if I can do more to be a better mom. I wonder, in my head, if they know how much I love them and if they think I am a good mom. They are still young, only 2 and 4, but I wonder what goes through their little minds. Do they know I would do anything in the world for them? Do they understand that when I have to correct them I am doing it out of love. Do they know that no matter what I will always love them?


What are my other fears?

I fear enrolling my children in public education. I fear homeschooling my children. Those two go hand in hand and stem directly from my number one fear above. As a former educator of 13 years, I know what school is like from the standpoint of a teacher and of course having attended public school, I remember what it was like as a student. Sure times have changed, but while some things may be for the better, I think many may be for worse when it comes to education in Texas. Class size may have not increased much since I was a kid, but the knowledge children come to school with at the beginning of Kindergarten sure has in my eyes. As a teacher I saw children come to school with no knowledge of the alphabet or how to hold a book. They could not recognize 100 sight words. Some did not know how to ask for something or use their manners and say please and thank you. I saw children at age 5 that could not go to the restroom on their own and wash their hands afterwards. As I am out with my kids now, I see some parents pacify their kids with any toy or device available to get them out of their hair and think – WOW is that what parenting amounts to now. For some it may be, but for others, I am certainly glad it is not. Some may see this as being judgmental on my part as to how others parent, but it is really about me not others. So with public education, I can not control the other children that are placed in the presence of my child and that is what I think I fear the most about public education. Who will my child have to interact with and be around all day in a classroom? What will they see others do? What will they hear other say? Will the teacher be able to give my child attention if there are other children that are below level upon entering school from lack of parental attention in the years before school began? Will my child be challenged in school or will it be too simple because of the life experiences they’ve already had? Parents are a child’s first teacher and I hope my children are entering the world with a wealth of knowledge from their home-life, their world experiences, and their interactions with people.

Now to the fear of homeschooling… If I go the route of homeschooling, I fear having to select the curriculum to teach them. Will it be on point with what I feel they should be able to master? Will I have the time and energy to dedicate to my children so that they receive the best possible education at home? Will they have enough interaction with peers that are on the same level? Will there be a social stigma associated with homeschooling? I of course want to do what is best for my children, but as a parent you weigh all the possibilities and of course make the decision of which route to take and then wonder if you have made the best choice. That is where my fear comes in. Will I be doing what is best for my children? Will I be a good enough mother? Only time will tell.

Please comment below and tell me your top 3 fears. Or if you want to see others engaging in the #SocialChallenge, check out my friend Rachel Nichols.



Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

As I celebrate Easter this year with my family and friends, I am reminded of the many blessings in my life. I have been blessed with 2 children and my loving husband. Every day that I have with them, I think about how God has shaped my life from that of a single woman with no big desire to have kids to that of a loving mother and wife.

As I worked for 13 years in my teaching career, there were many children that I loved as my own because a teachers that is what we do. However, I never knew how much I could truly love a child until I had my own. I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be their mother, teacher and guide in life. Some days are tough, but God has also given me greater patience as I age.

As I continue my journey in life as a mother and wife, I am also thankful that I have been given an opportunity to continue to help others through teaching. It is not teaching in the traditional role as I had before, but through teaching others about how to care for their skin or to change their life by becoming an entrepreneur. My journey as an entrepreneur is allowing me to continue to be at home with my children and raise them. It is a blessing. Thank you God.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.

Happy Easter to you!