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#SocialChallenge Day 4 – 10 things I would tell my 16 year old self

Excited about getting a 2nd chance to redo a few things! Ha!

1) Take that modeling/acting opportunity those people came to offer you that late afternoon. Opportunities like those only come once in a lifetime honey!

2) Believe in yourself! Love yourself more! You Are Gorgeous momma!!!!

3) Don’t be ashamed of that voluptuous body you’ve got girl! Many would kill for it!

4) Go straight to a 4 year university. Put those brains to work! You’ve got potential in academics, use it!

5) Ask your mom to buy you a bible and read it. It gives you instructions to life.

6) Spend more time with your little sister. Become best friends.

7) Learn to sew as good as your mom.

8) Ask your dad to teach you how to cook! This will come in handy 🙂

9) Forget about joining the military. Your mom and siblings need you.

10) Stop worrying about what others think of you or expect from you. Strive to please God alone ♡


What is HONOR? How does it apply to your walk in life?


If you are a business owner, you may think of honor as


If you are in the military or formerly in the military, you may think of honor as


If you are a parent you may instill this in your children, when you think of honor


If you are a teacher, you may think of honor as


If you are a person of faith, you may see honor as


No matter your walk in life, it is probably best to feel this way…


As we embark on Memorial Day Weekend please take time to remember and HONOR those that gave all for our freedoms in the United States. Blessed are we to have a Happy Memorial Day 2014!