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What if the turkey got burned…

What if the turkey got burned? …..or worse yet, it wasn’t cooked at meal time!

The turkey, 12 years ago, only cooked 4 hours instead of at least 8 for 20 lbs. I had to catch a Greyhound at 5:00 and it was 2:00. We microwaved the outer layers of the huge bird and the potatoes and vegetables completed our meal. Gravy was not made as the broth was not cooked to a well heated consistency. And stuffing encountered the same scenario. But you know what?

We had time to play with the kittens and laugh, play with the kids and plenty of hugs before my 2 hour Greyhound bus ride back home. I was so happy to see my daughter and share these moments with her that day. So thankful for my daughter. ¬†Love You Deb Debs ūüôā

Ellen Towne


Living Life

Living Life….What is that all about?

So many times we get caught up in the day to day hassles, what others are doing, what we need to do, what we have to do, what others think of us, or what others want us to be that we forget to LIVE our life. Truly living life is what we were placed here to do. Our Creator, Our Father, God, placed us here on Earth to live our life to the fullest and not be so worried about all the small stuff. Live life and do it BIG as I so often hear from my mentor, Portia Chandler. So As I look back at this past month, so many things have happened and they give me great perspective to really think to myself, am I living life? Why YES, YES I am! Here are two examples of how I am living life.

Seize the Moment

It was Father’s Day and we were celebrating at my in-law’s house. The kids were splashing in a wading pool and practicing ‘jumping in’ and it was so cute. My daughter does not have the best balance, so to see her ‘jump’ in was quite funny. Watch the quick video. She is the second to jump in, if you were wondering.


But then, my brother-in-law decided to get the kids a slip and slide. He ran up to the store, purchased it and we laid it out for the kids so they could try it out. Well, being at the ripe old age of 4 years or younger, my kids and niece had no idea what to do with the slip and slide. Never in a million years, did I think this would be me, but click play on the video and think about what I taught my kids.


I don’t think I taught¬†them how to slip and slide on the new toy, but I think I taught them more:¬†how to seize the moment and enjoy life. In¬†five years, will they remember that I went on the slip and slide fully clothed, got soaking wet to the bone, and had fun with them in the moment? Maybe not, but I am sure I will! I was pretty wet after hopping up from the toy, but I loved seeing their smiling faces as they continued to try the slip and slide and get a little better at it as the day progressed. I was present in the moment for my kids and I do believe that is what living life is about.

Be That Mom

I want to be that mom. No, I am that MOM. I am the mom that is taking my kids everywhere so they can be exposed to LIFE! If I am living life, my kids must do so as well. I plan a full week every week and sometimes we may not make it to everything because they are too worn out to wake up the next morning on time, but we just regroup and change the time slot and off we go again. I don’t ever want my kids to think that all you can do is sit at home and watch television. We play everywhere, from parks to museums, to places they will most likely take field trips to once they are in school. But the best thing is that I was able to take them there FIRST!

I am that mom, I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them, but clearly we don’t just stay at home. We go on outings all the time so that I can teach them the ways I expect them to behave at these places. I love when my new, four year old, big girl tells me about something that she sees – ¬†that she has learned is not the right way to behave. I guess that is just reinforcing she does hear me and she knows our expectations. I am not preaching about right or wrong or trying to make kids conform to rules, and all that hoopla, but in living life, we must respect the others around us. So if we are out and about and in a location where they should be walking, I expect that and I correct them when they step out of line, I see too many moms let it slide. Later in life, if you have been the mom that let it slide, think about the actions of teens that are not respectful, I am sure some have crossed your path. How do they make you feel? What do you say about them later? ¬†So that is why I am setting the expectations early. If there is a line we need to wait in, we do that nicely and patiently. If there is something she wants, she must use her manners and say please and thank you when she receives it, if she does. I am certainly not the mom that gets something for the screaming child just to pacify them. So living life, that is what we are up to on a daily basis! If you want to join us in our adventures, check out our playgroup!

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