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My Favorite Part of Fall

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to listen to my favorite part of fall. What is your favorite part of fall? The change of the seasons, the weather, the celebrations? Share your comments below so I can learn more about you!

Happy November!

#IamThankful #socialchallenge Blogging on Thankfulness


What is the #IamThankful #socialchallenge? What will we be doing during the month of November? Here are the answers to those questions and some details about how you can get involved in this #IamThankful #socialchallenge!

We are going to share things we are thankful for, some of our Thanksgiving traditions, things we do to celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of November and the attitude of gratitude all year. Are you ready to learn more about me and the guest bloggers?  Well, we are ready to share with you!

Why November you ask? November is the month that a lot of people celebrate and give thanks because of Thanksgiving. So I am honoring the Thanksgiving tradition by getting a group of bloggers to take part and share their point of view on various topics of thankfulness in life, business and in general. We certainly hope you enjoy reading and giving us comments and feedback.


But wait, have you ever wanted to write your own blog? be a guest writer? There is still time to get involved! Want to know more about what we will be sharing or what you could join us in sharing? Contact me and I can email you the details. Bookmark my site and be sure to check back weekly to see what we have contributed to the #IamThankful #socialchallenge. Use the share buttons to let others know about what is going on during this event. Make COMMENTS on each post to share information about yourself on the writer’s topic or even better contact me to become a guest blogger as well! The goals are to learn about each other and to share in thankfulness during this #IamThankful #socialchallenge.

Can’t wait to get started! I truly am thankful you have taken the time to read and I do hope you share with others and/or join us!

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