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#IamThankful for Four Generations

RV Trip with Four Generations

My husband and I decided to buy an RV a little over two years ago. We have taken multiple trips with the kids. We have gone to places to meet friends and vacation together. We have taken it across the country to a business conference as a family. But on my latest RV adventure, I journeyed without my husband. YIKES! I had to learn a few new things about our spiffy mode of transportation, but that was easy enough to do!

Back in September, my grandmother went to visit her brother in South Carolina. My Aunt and Uncle took her there by car and then she flew back. Well, my grandmother wanted to go see family in Georgia around Thanksgiving. She mentioned it and I thought this would be a great opportunity to take her, my mom and my kids. I had not been to see all of the extended family since my daughter was one month old and my Great-Uncle Richard was celebrating his 80th birthday. So there you have it, I told her we should go and so began the story of the Four Generations RV Trip!

We left early on a Monday morning and arrived shortly before midnight. Technically, we got there in one day. We enjoyed the ride by snacking in the RV and stopping a few times for gas along the way. My mom kept my kids entertained with movies in the DVD player and grandma and I chatted in the cockpit of the RV. Once we arrived in Senoia, Georgia, we were greeted by our gracious hosts, the Zabawa family.

We stayed until the following Monday and celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my grandmother’s brothers, sisters-in-law, and all their family members that could make it to Fayetteville, Georgia too.


We had a really great time catching up with everyone, visiting a few places, and discussing quilting (my grandma’s current favorite time filler). If you want to check out the the family fun and see some beautiful sights with our smiling faces in the picture, click play and enjoy!


During November, I have been sharing weekly about things #IamThankful for, but this trip takes the cake. It will forever be a priceless memory for me and my children. Until we make it to Georgia again……

Happy November!


#IamThankful for Family Traditions

Does your family have long-lasting family traditions?

We share in some wonderful family traditions each year that help remind us of all that we have to be thankful for as a family. Celebrating Thanksgiving together as a family with a prayer, dinner, and then a relaxing football game is the way to go! Once we had children, their grandparents wanted to take it one step further and kick off the Christmas season with them the day after Thanksgiving. We now enjoy the tradition of going to Santa’s Wonderland. Don’t know what that is? Take a few minutes, click play, and see the sparkles in our children’s eyes as they watch the lights pass by!


At Santa’s Wonderland, they really know how to help you get into the Christmas spirit! They have a grand venture in College Station, Texas. If you have not been, I would highly recommend it. It may be a little crowded since we have had such beautiful weather this fall, but they really have their business together in an effort to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Purchasing tickets online will help you save a few dollars and some time in line. Parking – not to worry, get a pass or just park at the Texas World Speedway and take a shuttle bus over to Santa’s Wonderland!

Enjoy Santa’s Town, live music, camp fires, funnel cakes, holiday movie on the big screen, photos with Santa, train ride, petting zoo, Texas Longhorns,  and shopping. Then take a hayride or horse carriage through the lights. You will be glad you did! Have fun and let me know how much you enjoy it!

Happy November!



#SocialChallenge Day 5: 5 Things That Make Me Most Happy Right Now

Tamara Hancock

Over the years, my scale of happiness has yo-yo’d.  In my early years, it didn’t take much to make me happy because my family didn’t have much.  Back then, sitting on the couch with my mom and sister with crayons, coloring books and sunflower seeds made me happy.  Or, getting on the Metro with my brothers and heading to the city swimming pool for the day.  Those things spelled happiness.

Then, I grew up and I thought I deserved “better” happiness.  I started collecting handbags and shoes.  That made me happy.  I learned to wine and dine with the fancy folks.  That made me happy, too.  But it didn’t take long for me to realize that this newfound happiness was all smoke in mirrors.  Turns out you don’t have to HAVE money or SPEND money to be happy.  It can help, sometimes, but it isn’t a necessity like I once thought it was.

That being said, here’s what makes me happy right now:

  1. My children SLEEPING.  And, it’s not because I think they’re all cute and sweet and innocent-looking when they’re asleep.  It’s because they aren’t SPEAKING.  No whining.  No asking for shit non-stop until my ears bleed.  No questioning of my authority.
  2. Football season is approaching.  Not only do I enjoy the games, but I enjoy some tight ends as well!  All those tight pants and muscles… and stretching… and booties!  Don’t even get me started on the booties.  I do love me some juicy, football booties!
  3. Happiness pour femmeVodka is a clear liquid with pretty much no odor.  Makes it easy when spiking my water bottle in public places where booze is taboo.  Also, it’s easier to hide when trying to sneak booze into high school football games.  Turns out, they confiscate flasks if they find one in your purse at the security check point.  Those damn rebellious teenagers are always ruining shit for the rest of us!
  4. That big, comfy lump in my bed.  Oh, wait.  That’s Hubber.  He’s my security blanket.  And, many times, my voice of reason.  Lord knows he’s put up with a lot of crazy shit from me over the years – and yet, there he is, the constant lump in my bed.  My best friend.  And, although he makes me nuts, more often he makes me happy.  Also, he has a juicy bootie.  So, there’s that.
  5. Free, unexpected mini-getaways.  Just when I was resigned to the fact that there would be no family vacation this summer, my boss surprises me with a free 2-night resort getaway.  WHAT!  Maybe there is a god!  Or, maybe I just have a badass boss.  Either way, I’m ready to take my large, happy ass and plop it poolside for two days – piña coladas, here I come!

So, basically, to be happy, all I need are mute children, hunky booties to stare at, vodka, a true friend and break from the ordinary.  Cheers!

#SocialChallenge Day 4: 10 Things I would tell my 16 year-old self…


OMG…An old bestie from high school and I recently had dinner and we reminisced about our high school days. We laughed and laughed about the crazy things we though were important. When I was in high school and at age 16 I was your typical band nerd. I played the flute in the band, I was in as many organizations possible: NHS, Math club, Spanish Club, FFA, etc. I loved being a part of those.

But the 10 things I would tell myself is first of all: Don’t take life so seriously. I was so concerned with life after high school that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I probably should have. I remember that I wanted to try out for the dance team and the entire summer learned and practiced the routine with my neighbor across the street. I was so scared of how I would look because I had a poor self-image that I chickened out. I didn’t try out.

I would tell that 16 year old self…what do you have to lose? GO FOR IT!!! I realize now that I didn’t see myself the way so many others saw me. I was a mature 16 year old so my concerns became more about I have to be smart and perfect so I can get a scholarship so I can get my engineering degree. I didn’t give myself time to enjoy a 16 year old life!! I didn’t give myself time for boyfriends. Believe me there was a lot of temptation but I didn’t have time to mess up. I was afraid I’d be one of the statistics a pregnant 16 year old the first time she decided to have sexual intercourse. So instead of dealing with that I just skipped it.

What did it cause me? I ended up getting married too early in life to the first real boyfriend relationship in college. I married the wrong person. We weren’t at all compatible. So I would tell my 16 year old self it’s okay if you date. But be smart. I think that I was so worried about making mistakes at 16 that I didn’t make the regular mistakes kids do. I made them when I was a young adult which was a really strange experience for me. Things that most people experience when they are 16 I experienced in my late 20s and early 30s. When I went through my divorce. I had no idea how to date…I never allowed my 16 year old self to learn how. How awkward! LOL!

I wish I would have tried out for the volleyball team when I was in high school. I wanted so bad to play and again I practiced all summer but I chickened out at try-outs. Why? I just didn’t have the confidence that I would fit in with that group of girls. So my confidence came from my brains but I was an awkward 16 year old girl with a very small social life. Seriously, girls can be MEAN! At 16, I just didn’t think I could deal with the fear of rejection.


So here is my list of 10 things I would tell myself:

1. Don’t worry about what others think about you?

2. Make mistakes…it’s not the end of the world.

3. Have fun…do more Chinese fire drills!!

4. Go on more trips…experience what you can while you don’t have responsibilities of an adult.

5. Don’t take life so seriously….You’re a kid!!!

6. Go out on double dates…

7. The football star isn’t that cute…what were you thinking!! LOL!!

8. Cherish your friends and the times you have together!

9. Tryout for the DRILL TEAM and the VOLLEYBALL TEAM!!

10. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST…hell you didn’t even like using your engineering degree and went back and got a business degree!! LOL!!

Until next time….Jennifer Larivey