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#IamThankful for My Favorite Fall Desserts

#IamThankful for My Favorite Fall Desserts

Pumpkin from the actual pumpkin, cut up and boiled and then ingredients added to put in a pie crust made a delicious pumpkin pie treat for family on a couple occasions in the last few years. My Father enjoyed one pumpkin pie that I sent home with him.


My stepmom and Dad spent a day, a while back, baking 25 pies in one day for their freezer. I am thankful my folks taught me how to make apple pies that day – All from scratch! Now, since then I try to make 3 pies in November for our freezer. We gobble those up over the holidays. Fresh apples, pie crust with tender flake (which my stepmom said is the only lard to use…..she was so sweet…miss her so…. Xoxo), flour, vinegar and such, rolled out on my kitchen counter with care. My step mom’s recipe makes 6 pie crusts, equaling 3 apple pies.

Many many times, I have made chocolate chip cookies, Bird Nests with jam and chocolate macaroons.

One of my favorite desserts lately is the Monkey Bread that my daughter brought over for Easter and makes a great fall dessert. She cut up cinnamon buns into small chunks, bought from the grocery store. She baked it in our oven with a brown sugar and butter mixture on top, all in a bundt pan. It was served with vanilla ice cream. Deelish!!

Thank you to all my family and friends for their great and scrumptious cookies, pies and breads. I love you all.

A great November 2014 to Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoys their favorite baked goods from loved ones in this colourful time of year 🙂

Kindest Regards,

Ellen Towne