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#SocialChallenge Day 30: 10 things I would hope to be remembered for…

10 things I would hope to be remembered for…

1. My love for my children

2. My love for my family

3. My honesty

4. My transparency

5. Helping others

6. Forgiving

7. My passion for teaching my girls at home

8. My craziness

9. My love for all those who allowed me to share my heart with them

10. My heart!

#SocialChallenge Day 30: 10 Things to Remember About Me

10 Things to Remember About Me

There will come a time when I will no longer be here, hopefully in the distant, distant future. I want what most people want at the end, and that’s to be remembered. I want to be remembered for many things. I will share my top 10:

  1. Lover of God
  2. Follower of Christ
  3. Loving Daughter
  4. Wonderful Mother
  5. Excellent Wife
  6. Awesome Sister
  7. Best Aunt Ever
  8. Great Counselor
  9. Understanding Friend
  10. Servant to Others

My list is pretty modest. There are many more things I want to be remembered for. But most of all, I want to be remembered for making a difference in the lives that I have touched. What do you want to be remembered for?

#SocialChallenge Day 30: Remember me

10 things to be remembered by:

  1. My Faith & My love to share the gospel
  2. My heart & love for people
  3. My love for my kids and my husband
  4. My passion to inspire, encourage, & equip people.
  5. My love for animals
  6. My heart for worship
  7. My writings
  8. My cooking
  9. My Friendship
  10. My Smile

#SocialChallenge Day 5: 5 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

You know what can be one of the most depressing things you can do? Watch the news. Every day there is some news story of madness or mayhem that makes you want to stay in bed and never leave home. Bad things happen all the time. Does that mean you have to focus on it? No. You can always choose differently. So that’s the theme for today, finding things that make me happy right now. Five to be exact.

tarabuck_5_dayfive5_socialchallenge1. My hubby. He’s pretty awesome. He loves me. He works hard. He’s great with the kids. What more can a girl ask?

2. My children. Right now, my children are happy and healthy. Sure they fight and leave the house a mess, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Their smiles would melt any mother’s heart and I am thankful they have smiles for me.

3. An ice cold Coke. There is nothing like have an ice cold Coke after a long hard day at work. Or after a good workout. Or after cleaning the kitchen. Or after doing just about anything. I am well away that it’s not healthy. But come on. It’s a Coke.

4. Steady Income. I don’t know about you, but the struggle is real. Especially when you are trying to transition from working full time for someone else to making the leap and working on your own. And there have been times when we didn’t always know where the next meal was coming from or if the mortgage was going to be paid.

5. Blessed Assurance. No matter what happens, I know where I will go when I die. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I continue to be a work in progress and some days I miss the mark by a mile. But I continue to run the race. My goal is to hear God say “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I know I am in God’s hands, even when bad things happen.

Now it’s your turn. Are you choosing to be happy today? What are the things that make you happy?

#SocialChallenge Day 3: The Miracle

The people I trust the most are my parents.

I have one of the most heartfelt relationships with them.  They are the two people in my life that I know will always be there for me.  Parents are the angels God gives us on this earth to help us go through life.  My mother was told before I was born that she wouldn’t be able to have children because of the removal of one of her ovaries and the other ovary was very weak.  So my parents had planned to adopt children.  I was their miracle after 7 years of trying to have a baby.  My mother has always told me the gifts I have are from God because I was sent by Him into her life.  Little does she know she was the miracle I needed in my life and that is why God chose her to be my mother.  I pray that one day I will be the woman that she is.


I find my strength because I have witnessed what she has done in her life and the strength my father has as the man that provides for his family.  I have nothing but awe and amazement for my parents.  I have seen them struggle financially when the oilfield was down and my father was laid off back in the 80’s.  I have seen their faith rise up above the struggles of life, when they not only had to care for their 4 children but also for their 3 invalid parents.   I saw them come together and solve problems together.  They have never given up on each other or on me.  As the oldest of 4 children, I learned what it was to be a team and to take care of one another.  My parents are the most loving and giving people I know on this earth.  I learned compassion and charity from them.  I learned that we are blessed to give back to those that do not have much.  My love for them is everlasting.  Respect, Love, and Joy is what fills my heart when I think of them.

Enjoy the time you have with them because one day God will take his angels back home.


What is HONOR? How does it apply to your walk in life?


If you are a business owner, you may think of honor as


If you are in the military or formerly in the military, you may think of honor as


If you are a parent you may instill this in your children, when you think of honor


If you are a teacher, you may think of honor as


If you are a person of faith, you may see honor as


No matter your walk in life, it is probably best to feel this way…


As we embark on Memorial Day Weekend please take time to remember and HONOR those that gave all for our freedoms in the United States. Blessed are we to have a Happy Memorial Day 2014!