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What if the turkey got burned…

What if the turkey got burned? …..or worse yet, it wasn’t cooked at meal time!

The turkey, 12 years ago, only cooked 4 hours instead of at least 8 for 20 lbs. I had to catch a Greyhound at 5:00 and it was 2:00. We microwaved the outer layers of the huge bird and the potatoes and vegetables completed our meal. Gravy was not made as the broth was not cooked to a well heated consistency. And stuffing encountered the same scenario. But you know what?

We had time to play with the kittens and laugh, play with the kids and plenty of hugs before my 2 hour Greyhound bus ride back home. I was so happy to see my daughter and share these moments with her that day. So thankful for my daughter.  Love You Deb Debs 🙂

Ellen Towne


#SocialChallenge Day 6: The Hardest Thing

tarabuck_6_daysix6_socialchallengeThere have been many things in my life that have been hard and even unbearable at times. Seeing your 18 year old daughter being taken advantage of by a family member and not being able to do a thing about it is more than a person can handle at times.

We have reached out to police, other family members, and have talked and pleaded with her till we are blue in our face.  But she is so blinded by the lies and filth of this Uncle of hers that she can’t see the truth. Her young life being destroyed daily and because the law says she is free to do what she wants at 17 here in Texas there has been nothing we could do.

Being the praying woman of God that I am. I pray and seek God’s deliverance for her daily.  Knowing the future isn’t fun, matter of fact it puts a deep fear in the bottom of your stomach that stays and never goes away.

Having Faith that God will remove the blinders from her eyes and set her free is what has kept me sane.  Dreams of watching your little girl go to prom, college, move into her first place and get to help her decorate, help plan her wedding, and so many other dreams are gone for now.

I have faith that God will change her heart and open her mind to things that are real and moral.

The hardest thing is knowing that your daughter is in a situation that you can’t protect her from but needs you to.