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Building Relationships in Business

What does it look like when you build relationships in business?

An example of what relationships our business has helped to build, would be Deanna for providing her with anthuriums and garden roses for her Fathers’ funeral this past Spring. I talked to her after the funeral and she said the fresh flowers were lovely and at that time I gave her some tips on rainbow roses for her daughters’ baptism.

Another example, would be Maurina. I designed a Snowman fresh flower arrangement for this young woman, last Xmas 2013. This Christmas Maurina talked to me about a Xmas Craft Sale, next month, and suggested that I be a vendor.


This past year my clients have started to come back for additional help on a new idea they have.

Thanks to my clients for building with me. Maurina, Deanna, Lisa, Bissan, Carrie, and all my clients! I am so happy that I am beginning to have return customers.

In gratitude, always,

Ellen Towne, His and Hers for You


Appreciation and Thank You

Learning and Understanding Gives me Greater Appreciation! #IamThankful

Many opportunities with my clients have given me appreciation of their requests and wishes.

One such opportunity comes to mind, when I first started my business, a year after. It was my first wedding for fresh cut flowers and my girlfriend from high school was the client. We hadn’t seen each other for 30 years, as I had moved to Winnipeg, 24 hours away. My girlfriend and I, when I moved back to Ontario 20 years ago, found each other on Facebook, 5 years ago. My friend picked up where we left off in high school and entrusted me with designing the flowers for her soon to be daughter in law.


Twelve in the Wedding Party and I paid attention to every detail that the Bride had requested. I am thankful for my friend, trusting me with this endeavour and I have carried what I learned about the consultations and designing, into my future weddings for my clients. I have learned that each new client that I have, teaches me something new.

To the Brides and Grooms and families! Cheers!

Ellen Towne, His and Hers for You



#SocialChallenge Day 3: My Parents and I…

My Parents and I…

I love my parents. I really do. But I haven’t always been the best communicator. Our relationship is cordial enough. I call on holidays and birthdays. I make sure to see them when I come to town…

I know, I know. I preach to my clients all the time about building and maintaining relationships with loved ones. And I constantly harp on my teenage clients about how they won’t have their parents around forever. I have a horrible case of “Do as I say, not as I do.” Want to know a secret? Most people in my profession do as well. But I digress.

I think the reason I’m not as close as to my parents as I would like to be is because that’s the relationship that was modeled and I have reciprocated in kind. I wasn’t a bad kid growing up. They weren’t bad parents. They had a goal of getting us out of high school. Mission accomplished. But there weren’t many happy memories either. They weren’t the lovey dovey type of parents, but they made efforts to come to our events. I will always love and respect my parents. They did the best they could with what they had. I recognize that now that I have kids of my own.


But I strive for something different with my own children. I make sure to give the unexpected hug and kiss. I do my best to let my children know they are loved even when they are mad at me for daring to enforce the rules. I’m not going to lie. It’s a struggle sometimes when all I want to do is stay in my room all day. Then I remember what I used to long for as a kid. So when the kids come in and want a story, darn it they get a story. What about you? What’s your relationship like with your parents? If you have kids, how do you want the relationship to be different than what you have growing up?