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My Thrive 8 Week Experience

Hi! I am Tara Buck and this is an update to my Thrive 8 Week Experience. I began the 8 week experience on January 2, 2015. To date, I have seen significant changes in my energy level, appetite control, and weight management/loss. I am super excited about how easy it is to use this 3 step system and meet my health goals for the new year! I have been sharing my story with others I know/meet and this has allowed me to take part in the awesome referral program that Le-Vel offers: refer two and your products are FREE. Thereby saving me money and helping me with my overall health goals! Does it get any better?

So the background story of my experience: After trying Thrive out for three days with a 3 day experience that I received from Shaunda Sostand, I began the Thrive 8 Week Experience with the Women’s Lifestyle Pack + DFT. I have had tremendous success with the products and know that I am a THRIVER for life! I take the 2 capsules with a large glass of water, blend the lifestyle mix with ice and skim milk so I can have it as a shake and apply the DFT to my arm. Simple steps, but powerful feeling.

I am a wife and mom with two small children and we are all about enjoying day trips to the park, museum and other various play places. My kids love to be on the go and neither of them nap, so I really need the energy to keep up with them and to still enjoy my husband’s company when he gets home from work. Not only does Thrive help me to keep up with all of the things I have to do in a day, but I am overall feeling much healthier and happier with my own body image. I am proud to share this picture with my results so far.

TaraBuck-body measurements-updated-2-24

I was not happy with where I began – at a weight that was my highest and also the weight I was when I was pregnant with my children, so not being pregnant at the time and still seeing that number on the scale was driving me crazy. I feel like I am making healthier food choices, have quit snacking all the time and have the energy to do so much more each day, but have not incorporated an exercise routine as of yet. As I continue with Thrive I foresee, I will add exercise to my weekly plan. I am really just so happy that the number on the scale is always coming down! Keeps me motivated to stick with Thrive and do more for myself!

Want to know what Thrive can do for you? Take a look at my Le-Vel website, create your own account and begin referrals to your site too. It is a win – win for you and your health!


My Favorite Part of Fall

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to listen to my favorite part of fall. What is your favorite part of fall? The change of the seasons, the weather, the celebrations? Share your comments below so I can learn more about you!

Happy November!

Feeling Like a Failure

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and makes you think “am I a failure?“.


I recently began the journey to rejoin the workforce by taking a job at my daughter’s pre-school. I went through the application process, training, and started working as a teacher. Yippee! Great Work! I mean who would not love 20 little 3 year olds running around, learning and listening to you all day? Oh, wait…they don’t listen all that well. But really, it is a nice, safe environment where my children can learn, I can teach, and it will add a little more to the family income. Win – Win for us!

class of toddlers

I thought going back to work was what I wanted until I woke up one morning crying about it all. I have two small children, ages 3 and 1. I just knew this job was going to allow me to be there at school with them during the day, so of course that would make it easier, right? WRONG! Once I started working, my daughter would stand at her classroom window when I dropped her off and wave to me and tears would trickle down her cheeks, breaking my heart as a mother. Since my son just started on the school adventure, he cried his little eyes out as I left him in his classroom. He had very rough days too and unfortunately picked up every germ known to 1 year olds and has been sick since he started. I guess being at home with them both since they were born makes it very difficult for them to adjust quickly to the change of not having mommy around them all day long.

And then there was my adjustment – a 40 hour work week, grocery shopping on the weekend, laundry, dishes, dinner, house work, story time, bedtime routines and the list seems to keep going on and on. How do people do this I began to wonder. When do they find the time to do all the necessary chores in life, enjoy their family and live a life that is happy and complete? As I cried that morning, I had feelings of being a failure. I thought here I am with a college degree and 13 years of teaching experience in my past and I can’t seem to find the will to get up and go to this job again today. I just cried and cried. Then I stopped and got ready for work. I made lunches, loaded the kids in the truck and off we went to school. I just kept thinking I can’t do this.

So here I am admitting I tried, but it is not working out for me. It was a great learning experience that I can add to my resume. While I know this job is not what will define me in life, I may have failed at staying the course, but the trade-offs in my mind were just too high. In trying to go back to work, the stress it caused our family was far too great to really think it would be beneficial to continue. While the job did stretch my patience, it also made me realize I am not ready to give up being at home with my babies. So while I would like to contribute more financially to our family’s income, I will have to pass on that for the meantime so that I can add more to the family LOVE account!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day-TaraBuck