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Teen Skin Concern

Teens on Summer Break? Having a BLAST or SHYING away from the spotlight?

teen skin concern
Teens on Summer Vacation

Some teens may not be experiencing a summer break like the ones pictured above. Why? You ask. It may be that the fear of returning to school with a skin concern is weighing heavy on their heart.

As a stay at home mom, I don’t stay at home all the time or I might go silly from singing and dancing to way too many children’s songs. Therefore, I take my children out and about weekly! When I am out, I see and interact with teens in the service industry (grocery stores/local restaurants/entertainment places for children) that are suffering from a lack of self-confidence because of a skin concern. This breaks my heart. Having 2 children, I often think to myself  I would do anything I could for them so they would not have to feel self-conscious about looking someone in the eye when speaking to them because of a skin concern. I want to reach out to each of these teens that I encounter, but I feel that would only make the situation more awkward than they already feel it is. There are solutions though and this is where you come in! 

teen skin concern
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The biggest issue I usually see teens facing is ACNE. But did you know, 100% of acne is preventable and controllable? YES! There have been new developments in skincare technology over the years that will assist those suffering with acne so that they don’t have to feel like they are not putting their best face forward. Some teens may not be worried about it, but that is NOT the majority of teens. Most take acne personally and suffer with low self-esteem because they blame themselves for their skin problems. They think, if I only scrub my face more with soap, it will get better, but it doesn’t. They think, if I wash my face more times a day, it will get better, but it doesn’t. They feel hopeless because they just can’t seem to make the acne go away. They feel hurt inside and ask, “why me?”. Some shy away from making friends because they fear others won’t see past the acne on their face. It is a cruel world out there and teens are tough on one another. There is peer pressure, growing pains, the desire to fit in……don’t you remember your teenage years? It can be life changing if you exclude yourself from them world because of a skin concern.

I am reaching out today, to ask you if you know of any local teens that are dealing with acne that would like access to a possible solution? If one comes to mind, I would love for you to inbox me his/her story of why you think this could possibly be a life changer for them and include a photo of him/her if you have one. When you submit the story to my iamtarabuck@gmail account, please add the subject line “Teen Skin Concern Candidate”.  I want to bless one of these local teens each month over the next 5 months with 60 day supply of the Unblemish Regimen so he/she can start on the journey to better skin!

Please remember though, he/she has to be committed to use  the products as directed so they can see the results. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen if they are not committed to caring for their skin. To begin, I would first like to meet with the teen and his/her parent so I can share the products with them and make sure the directions are clear. I want to receive his/her commitment, their word, to completing the journey in person! I will ask him/her to capture their journey over the 60 days with photos emailed to me weekly so I can put together a CHANGE collage for him/her so they can see the changes in their skin over time. I know most teens have phones, so capturing 8 -10 selfies over the time span of the journey should not be a problem for most of them. Please take a moment to think about who you know locally and if you see this as a blessing to them, please contact me TODAY! The first blessing will happen on Friday, August 22nd. Thank you for submitting possible candidates and their stories! I can’t wait to make this happen!

blessed to be a blessing