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Women-Owned Businesses


Southern Diva's Vendor Events | Pop-up and Shop Night
Southern Diva’s Vendor Events | Pop-up and Shop Night


Spring Creek Barbeque
Our Venue for the Pop-up and Shop Night is SPRING CREEK BARBEQUE. Store Partner – Matt Barrett | 6068 FM 2920, Spring, TX 77379 | Phone (281) 251-6828

At Spring Creek Barbeque you’ll find the Great Taste of Texas!

What has made Spring Creek a favorite dining destination for over 30 years? First and foremost are our delicious barbeque specialties – ribs, beef, chicken, sausage, ham and turkey. All are hickory-smoked to perfection, and our ribs are then chargrilled for extra flavor. We feature wonderful sauce made from our own secret recipe, fries and okra cooked to order, fresh salads with homemade dressings, giant loaded baked potatoes, and the best home-baked bread you’ll ever taste. While you are there don’t forget Spring Creek Barbeque offers gift cards, their original barbeque sauce, and catering options for your special events! A HUGE THANK YOU to Spring Creek Barbeque for allowing us to set up and share with our community!


Southern Diva's Vendor Events

Southern Diva’s Vendor Events by Vera Manseill coordinates vendor shows and fundraisers, like this one. I work with the small businesses to help grow and connect through networking and referrals. My mission is to build solid relationships within our network, be an active member of the community and support local charities. Contact me to set up an event!


Tara Buck_R+F_collageTara Buck, Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields, will share dermatologist created, clinically proven multi-med therapy skincare products & cosmetic tools to combat the signs of aging, reverse sun damage, treat/prevent acne, and soothe sensitive skin. Skin consultations can be completed while you are at the event. Click here to learn more about what is right for you before you arrive or call me at 281-222-8280.

silpadaClaudia Castillo will showcase Silpada. It is the finest quality, handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry with a lifetime warranty allowing women to feel their best inside and out. Click here to learn more, shop, host or to sell. Contact me at 713-380-9013.




DAMSELChelsea Moore, Independent Pro, with Damsel in Defense will provide Safety and Personal Protection Products for women! Our adorable yet affordable line features safety kits for the car, pepper sprays, stun guns and security on the go for women and children! More information about ordering, hosting a party and joining the Damsel Mission can be found on my website.



bellaroma collageDeana Clark will share Bellaroma. Candle safety is our number one concern…and with our candle warmer lamps & lanterns, glimmers, and our #1 seller Candle Aire…you can get the look and feel of a burning candle without the flame, soot or smoke. Our Candle Aires are smartly decorative, house your wax in a easy to change tin, flicker like a candle and feature a fan that circulates your favorite fragrance! Shop 24/7 or call 281.706.6894.


vault denimKay Allen Robichau is showcasing Vault Denim. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try on great designer jeans at discounted prices. We carry ALL sizes 0-24 in ladies, and also carry skirts, capris, shorts, mens and children….NO hassle shopping! Try on and take home with you! Click to contact me or call 281-827-8910.

pink zebraLori Shear will share Pink Zebra Home Fragrance & Home Decor. Unique Soft Soy Sprinkles for your simmer pot. Blend the sprinkles together and make your own scent. We also have Simmering Lights, choose a color of base and pick your favorite shade. Hand lotions, hand soap and reed diffusers are also available. Click to contact me or call 281-235-7348.
pure romanceMekia Crump will intrigue you with Pure Romance. The hottest party in town! Awesome Friends. Amazing Fun. It’s time to get together with your friends for a night of ultimate fun. Book a party today!


our hearts desireAnnett Allen will share Our Hearts Desire. Opportunity Hope Desire. Offering customizable lockets and bracelets, amazing hair care and more!

pampered chefSherry Pausky will help you discover the chef in you. The Pampered Chef offers a full line of quality kitchen tools, cookware, stoneware, bakeware and cutlery. We also have a pantry line that includes rubs, seasonings, sauces and infused oils. With over 50% of the catalog under $20, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget! Click to contact me or call 713-398-2441.



Initials IncMerry Lynn Guy, Independent Creative Director, will present Initials, Inc. Initials, Inc is a fashion design house that blends style and function for everyone. With fabulous prints and free personalization always… Initials, Inc is a line you will love. Shop online call me at or 713.591.3682.




plexus slimSyreeta Smith will share Plexus, a health and wellness company. We pride ourselves in providing the most natural products to assist in weight loss, pain relief, breast health and overall wellness! Our most popular item: Plexus Slim! Drink it once a day for weight loss and amazing health benefits. Drink Pink & Shrink! 60 day money back guarantee! Ambassador #146228 call me at 281-940-4MEE.



perfectly poshCessna Foster will share Perfectly Posh. It is a collection of all natural spa and pampering products that are formulated, made and manufactured in the USA!
Click to contact me or call me at 281.826.2755.




YouniqueVera Manseill will share Younique. It offers naturally based cosmetics and 3D Fiber Lashes! Our products are hypo-allergenic, paraben free, gluten free, filler free and never tested on animals. Our Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes will triple the length and volume of your eyelashes, while conditioning them and looking completely natural. Click to contact Vera Manseill or call me at 281-415-5769.



VeraWealthy Sisters Network is a national organization based on women building generational wealth by being RICH in their Mind, Body, Sprit and Relationships! Vera Manseill is the president of the WSN Klein Chapter.






Do You Know Why You Should Read Sunscreen Labels?

spring equinox
Spring has arrived!


What should you look for in a sunscreen?

Although we should be using sunscreen on a daily basis, as the weather begins to get warmer, as spring arrives, some of us finally begin to think about sunscreen. We are ready to get out and have fun in the sun during this time of the year, but we should remember to protect our skin!

sunscreen questions

You might be asking yourself these questions when it comes to sunscreens:

  • Am I reading and understanding the sunscreen labels on my sunscreen products?
  • Do I know what my sunscreen is doing for me?
  • How do I determine what is best for me when it comes to a sunscreen?
  • What are my friends using for a sunscreen?

 Here are some tips to help you find a sunscreen you will love.

First, and most importantly, you want to be sure that you have a broad spectrum sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Second, you want to look at the SPF rating and select one with an SPF of 30 or higher. Next, look for a sunscreen that is water resistant. While it is water resistant, you still need to reapply after a certain number of minutes (the number of minutes will follow the words water resistant).

Not allowed on labels

When we read labels from the past, we were familiar with wording like waterproof, sweat proof and sunblock, but the truth is, that these products are not water proof and do not block the sun from our skin, so these terms are no longer acceptable on labels.

What about sunscreens with insect repellents? Do you buy a combination insect/sunscreen product? While it sounds like a good idea to knock out two birds with one stone, it really is not. Here is why: sunscreen will need to be applied liberally and reapplied throughout the day, while your insect repellant is not needed as often and is used much more sparingly.

Protect your lips

Do you protect your lips from the sun? If you do not, you should make it a point to use a lip balm that is broad spectrum. Use it year round to protect your lips everyday!

Finally, buy items you really like because if you like the sunscreen products you are more likely to USE them! Try the products whenever possible to make sure you like the smell and how they feel on your skin. Ask friends what they use to get some ideas for shopping. Try their products, if possible, to see what you think. You want to be happy with your purchase, so determine if your product has a hassle free, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not, shop around. Once you find something you like make your purchase. Use you sunscreen products daily for the best results, because every day is a SUN day!

Every day is a sun day

Hitting the Road for Spring Break

Spring break 2014

Are you hitting the road for spring break?

Many people enjoy this time of year with their family. Students get time off from school. Parents take the time off from work to be with the kids. Teachers LOVE spring break more than the kids (I know from experience).  We all enjoy this much needed break in different ways, but most by taking to the roads to cruise across America to visit a new destination or an old family favorite!


Dream Vacations 1

If you are getting ready to travel, then you may want to do these things to prepare:

  • Do all of your laundry before you try to pack
  • Pull out an item to pack as soon as you think of it
  • Don’t take more than one ‘special’ outfit, chances are, you will not need it
  • Dust off the suitcases and toiletry bags, update name tags on each
  • Inspect vehicle tires and ensure they are at the correct air pressure (if road tripping)
  • Pack toiletry items in the luggage you will check and extra clothes in the carry-on bag (if traveling by air)

Items you may want to include when packing:

  • reusable water bottle
  • travel-size first aid kit
  • your regular skincare products
  • your favorite shoes for walking (not the new ones that will cause blisters)
  • sunglasses, broad rim hat, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen
  • medical information and emergency contact numbers

No matter where your travels take you, one thing is for sure…while you are there if you think, ‘should I take a picture of this’, then you better snap it. CAMERAS are a must while you are traveling. It is very easy to snap those photos with our handy-little phones, so no need to lug that extra fancy camera that you own. And remember the golden rule: be considerate of others when snapping pictures, as you would also want others to be considerate to you.

Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you this spring break. Remember to be safe and enjoy every moment! Take only photos and leave only footprints. Cherish the memories you make.

Spring Break BeginsHappy Travels to you!

Protecting Our Skin

MARCH is traditionally the time for SPRING BREAK!
To enjoy your spring break will you be staying at home or taking a trip?
Whether or not you decide to travel, there is one thing we should all make into a daily habit…


Protect your skin

Everyday is a SUN day. Yes, we are always exposed to UVA and UVB rays here on Earth.
Did you know that UVA rays cause your skin to age and that UVB rays can burn your skin?



Even if you did not, one thing is for sure, we should all use a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen that protects the skin from both types of rays. So when you stop into you local pharmacy or sit down to shop online, make sure to check the label on your sunscreen before making that purchase. You want to be sure it is a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen. You should also apply liberally 15 – 30 minutes before going out into the sun and practice reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you go for a swim.

So no matter if you are staying in your neck of the woods or taking a trip to a tropical destination, you might also want to remember these items to help protect your skin:

  • Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen
  • Lightweight, long sleeve shirt to cover up
  • Broad rim hat
  • Sunglasses

In addition, find places in the shade to sit and relax while you take in the scenery or read a good book. Enjoy your spring break and enjoy your skin!

skin and sunscreenIf you would like to see some of our family favorites for broad spectrum SPF sunscreens, check out the links below:

For the entire family

For my children:

My favorite:

My husband’s favorite:


Please note if you are interested to see if your favorite company’s products are tested on animals, check out this link: and do a search for the brand or company name.

Tara Buck’s First Blog Post

Tara Buck
Tara Buck


I am Tara Buck. I was born and raised in Houston, TX. Attended school and graduated from Houston Independent School District. Continued my education in my hometown by enrolling at the University of Houston in 1993. Graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1997. From there I began my career as a teacher. I worked in Aldine ISD for one year, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD for two years and Houston ISD for 10 years. The reasons for changing school districts were varied, but change is good for many reasons. I married my husband in 2008. We added to our family in 2010 with the birth of our daughter and then again in 2012 with the birth of our son. I decided to remain at home after my daughter was born. As a stay-at-home mom, I enjoyed taking my daughter to all the Houston museums, parks, and what ever else we could find to fill our days. As we added our son to our family, we relocated to Tomball, TX. I have continued to stay at home with our children, but in January of 2013, I decided to begin my own business. I partnered with the doctors that created Proactiv in there new company Rodan + Fields and have enjoyed sharing what I have learned in this business with others to help change skin and change lives. I have learned many new things by owning my own business, but as a former teacher, I know I will always be a lifelong learner just as I wanted my students to be. I hope you will continue to check back and check back often to see what new and interesting things are going on in my life and in my business.

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