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My Thrive 8 Week Experience

Hi! I am Tara Buck and this is an update to my Thrive 8 Week Experience. I began the 8 week experience on January 2, 2015. To date, I have seen significant changes in my energy level, appetite control, and weight management/loss. I am super excited about how easy it is to use this 3 step system and meet my health goals for the new year! I have been sharing my story with others I know/meet and this has allowed me to take part in the awesome referral program that Le-Vel offers: refer two and your products are FREE. Thereby saving me money and helping me with my overall health goals! Does it get any better?

So the background story of my experience: After trying Thrive out for three days with a 3 day experience that I received from Shaunda Sostand, I began the Thrive 8 Week Experience with the Women’s Lifestyle Pack + DFT. I have had tremendous success with the products and know that I am a THRIVER for life! I take the 2 capsules with a large glass of water, blend the lifestyle mix with ice and skim milk so I can have it as a shake and apply the DFT to my arm. Simple steps, but powerful feeling.

I am a wife and mom with two small children and we are all about enjoying day trips to the park, museum and other various play places. My kids love to be on the go and neither of them nap, so I really need the energy to keep up with them and to still enjoy my husband’s company when he gets home from work. Not only does Thrive help me to keep up with all of the things I have to do in a day, but I am overall feeling much healthier and happier with my own body image. I am proud to share this picture with my results so far.

TaraBuck-body measurements-updated-2-24

I was not happy with where I began – at a weight that was my highest and also the weight I was when I was pregnant with my children, so not being pregnant at the time and still seeing that number on the scale was driving me crazy. I feel like I am making healthier food choices, have quit snacking all the time and have the energy to do so much more each day, but have not incorporated an exercise routine as of yet. As I continue with Thrive I foresee, I will add exercise to my weekly plan. I am really just so happy that the number on the scale is always coming down! Keeps me motivated to stick with Thrive and do more for myself!

Want to know what Thrive can do for you? Take a look at my Le-Vel website, create your own account and begin referrals to your site too. It is a win – win for you and your health!


#SocialChallenge Day 6: Being Humbled

tarabuck_6_daysix6Looking back over my life, I would say I‘ve had it fairly easy. I’ve never been Hamptons rich, but I’ve also never been homeless. Prior to 2010, I was proud of the fact that I could always land on my feet. Then the bottom fell out. What happened you ask? I was let go from my job without warning. I was completely blind-sided. To make matters worse, I wasn’t done with my internship. I was a week away from completing my 18 months. Here in the state of Texas, in order to become independently licensed as a therapist, you have to complete 3000 hours, but you have to take at least 18 months to complete it. You have to meet both criteria. No exceptions. Good thing I hustled and managed to complete my hours before I lost my job.

So after going through that humiliating experience, the state of Texas decided it wanted to take its sweet time to process my application for my full license. No one wants to hire you unless you have that license and I couldn’t officially start a private practice without it. Then by the grace of God, I was able to land a job in a small practice. And just when things were looking up, the other shoe drops. My husband lost his job, too.

Great. Just when I think we are about to get out of the hole, that happens. Then I get my first paycheck. I have never had a more soul crushing moment in my life. Here I was, a Master’s level professional making just above minimum wage. I cried. I think I cried for a few days. And Christmas was right around the corner. So to recap: no money, hubby out of work, and Christmas is around the corner. I felt so defeated and worthless. I was angry at God, the world, and myself.

Through all of this, God still provided. We were eating ramen noodles, but we ate. Thankfully we still had transportation since my car was paid off. We didn’t have cable, but we had lights and water. God provided Christmas presents for my daughter through a friend. Eventually, hubby was able to find a job. It has taken us years to recover and we are still trying to dig out of the hole. Yet I thank God for the experience. I trust God more now than I probably would have if I hadn’t been out of work.

Moral of the story: there is a greater purpose for the hard times you face. Don’t give up. Trust God to bring you through. Let God use your experience to bless someone else.

What about you? What lessons have you learned in your hardest times? Drop your comments below!

#SocialChallenge Day 4: 10 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Now that I am no longer 16, time has proven to be a wiser teacher than I thought. I thought I knew it all back then. Yeah, I knew nothing! So here are some things I would tell myself if I could go back and speak to myself at 16. Hopefully my children will read this someday and avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

  1. You deserve to be respected.
  2. Stop trying to please everyone. It’s impossible.
  3. You will only spend about 5% of your life in high school. Whatever you’re embarrassed about today probably won’t be remembered in 20 years.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  5. Never chase a man who is not chasing you.
  6. Credit cards are the devil. Pay cash always!
  7. Don’t be scared to try something new.
  8. You will fail sometimes. Learn the lesson and keep it moving.
  9. Don’t pick a career based on the money you’ll make. The money won’t matter if you’re miserable.
  10. You’ll never get this time back, so make the most of it.

I thought I would keep it simple today. Are these some things you would tell yourself at 16 if you could? What would you add to the list? Drop your comments below.

#SocialChallenge Day 2: Three Legitimate Fears

Three legitimate fears I have are Failure, Success, and Trust.

A fear of failure I believe came from being a perfectionist and wanting to always satisfy those around me. I was scared that if I wasn’t perfect that I wouldn’t be loved.  Strange as it seems this continued into the next fear I had which is Success.  A fear of success comes from not understanding it.  I feared that I would be so successful that  Iwould lose who I truly am.   Also what do you do when you are successful?  As I have walked into my destiny these past 3 years, this has become a reality.  Success can sometimes be lonely, you find out very quickly who your true friends are, who acquaintances are, and who are those that truly are just haters.  Those that are your true friends are a very small amount, I can count mine on one of my hands.  This is my tribe.  I am very protective of my tribe and it takes a lot for me to allow someone into my tribe.  Which brings up my next fear, trust.



It’s not so much that I don’t believe in trust or am scared of trust.  I am the type of person that trusts too early.  I have had to learn the hard way to learn not to do this.  So I am fearful of my own ability to trust to easily. Because of this, sometimes, I can seem unapproachable or protective.  I have had relationships that haven’t worked out, where I intimately trusted these people and they betrayed me.  Betrayal is the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome.  The answer to this is Forgiveness.  True forgiveness sets you free and allows you to move forward.  So even though I have these fears, I have learned to handle each one when they come up in my life.  I remember the lessons I have learned, as hard as it has been.  Knowledge is power but without Wisdom it is Powerless.  Learning from the lessons life brings to you is wisdom and knowing that there is a higher power in control that is wisdom.  So I am grateful that even though I may have fears, I can overcome them.

Don’t let your fears dictate your future and keep you from your destiny and your passion.  Be well.

Raise 30K for a New School

How do you raise 30K for a new school? Let social media help!

Are you someone that likes to take a selfie photo? Did you answer YES? If so this could be a great opportunity for you! Did you answer NO? Maybe this cause will move you to snap one and show your support!

Have you ever joined a movement to help others? Did you say YES? Awesome, thank you for your contribution to others. If you answered NO, this is a simple movement to join on July 25, 2014. All you need to do is snap a no-makeup selfie and post it publicly on your social media network tagged with #RFGoNaked. For each no-makeup selfie posted by men and women on that day $1 dollar will be donated to educate and empower students! What a movement! I am sure you can help us meet the goal. The question is WILL YOU?

My recent selfie at the circus

How can your selfie help?

Your publicly shared selfie tagged with #RFGoNaked is worth $1 towards the goal and will help to raise 30K for a new school which will in turn help to educate and empower students! You can share what you are doing with others and why, which in turn may move them to help. Social media is a powerful tool and with your help we can raise these funds before lunch time! Your picture will have that kind of power in this movement! I think that makes it very worth it when you snap it makeup free! You may think, makeup free, but letting your guard down for one instant will really say something to the children we are supporting!  All children need to be educated and empowered! What is more empowering than seeing all the people that support this cause and knowing that they cared enough to share their photo for the cause? You may not be opening your wallet personally, but you are taking the time to show you care! Sometimes when we show we care that is more moving and harder to place a dollar value on. If you believe this to be true, PLEASE HELP and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT on July 25, 2014!

Snap your selfie and tag it with #RFGoNaked to show your support on July 25, 2014!

Why should you care?

In our day and age, we can never have too many people looking out for us and caring for us! The Rodan+Fields Prescription for Change Foundation is an organization that is helping to restore hope for those in need. They are helping expand their reach by adding new partnerships each year. This movement is to help support buildOn in the creation of a new school. Children all over the world, and even in the United States, need schools, resources to learn, a building to learn in, won’t  you help?



Here is the impact the Rodan+Fields Prescription for Change Foundation is creating by doing good in the United States! Lives are being changed and changed for the better. With your help we can make a bigger impact this year! Here’s to #RFGoNaked Day – July 25, 2014. Please mark your calendar and JOIN the movement.

The PFC Foundation is helping to change lives!


Living Life

Living Life….What is that all about?

So many times we get caught up in the day to day hassles, what others are doing, what we need to do, what we have to do, what others think of us, or what others want us to be that we forget to LIVE our life. Truly living life is what we were placed here to do. Our Creator, Our Father, God, placed us here on Earth to live our life to the fullest and not be so worried about all the small stuff. Live life and do it BIG as I so often hear from my mentor, Portia Chandler. So As I look back at this past month, so many things have happened and they give me great perspective to really think to myself, am I living life? Why YES, YES I am! Here are two examples of how I am living life.

Seize the Moment

It was Father’s Day and we were celebrating at my in-law’s house. The kids were splashing in a wading pool and practicing ‘jumping in’ and it was so cute. My daughter does not have the best balance, so to see her ‘jump’ in was quite funny. Watch the quick video. She is the second to jump in, if you were wondering.


But then, my brother-in-law decided to get the kids a slip and slide. He ran up to the store, purchased it and we laid it out for the kids so they could try it out. Well, being at the ripe old age of 4 years or younger, my kids and niece had no idea what to do with the slip and slide. Never in a million years, did I think this would be me, but click play on the video and think about what I taught my kids.


I don’t think I taught them how to slip and slide on the new toy, but I think I taught them more: how to seize the moment and enjoy life. In five years, will they remember that I went on the slip and slide fully clothed, got soaking wet to the bone, and had fun with them in the moment? Maybe not, but I am sure I will! I was pretty wet after hopping up from the toy, but I loved seeing their smiling faces as they continued to try the slip and slide and get a little better at it as the day progressed. I was present in the moment for my kids and I do believe that is what living life is about.

Be That Mom

I want to be that mom. No, I am that MOM. I am the mom that is taking my kids everywhere so they can be exposed to LIFE! If I am living life, my kids must do so as well. I plan a full week every week and sometimes we may not make it to everything because they are too worn out to wake up the next morning on time, but we just regroup and change the time slot and off we go again. I don’t ever want my kids to think that all you can do is sit at home and watch television. We play everywhere, from parks to museums, to places they will most likely take field trips to once they are in school. But the best thing is that I was able to take them there FIRST!

I am that mom, I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them, but clearly we don’t just stay at home. We go on outings all the time so that I can teach them the ways I expect them to behave at these places. I love when my new, four year old, big girl tells me about something that she sees –  that she has learned is not the right way to behave. I guess that is just reinforcing she does hear me and she knows our expectations. I am not preaching about right or wrong or trying to make kids conform to rules, and all that hoopla, but in living life, we must respect the others around us. So if we are out and about and in a location where they should be walking, I expect that and I correct them when they step out of line, I see too many moms let it slide. Later in life, if you have been the mom that let it slide, think about the actions of teens that are not respectful, I am sure some have crossed your path. How do they make you feel? What do you say about them later?  So that is why I am setting the expectations early. If there is a line we need to wait in, we do that nicely and patiently. If there is something she wants, she must use her manners and say please and thank you when she receives it, if she does. I am certainly not the mom that gets something for the screaming child just to pacify them. So living life, that is what we are up to on a daily basis! If you want to join us in our adventures, check out our playgroup!

Want to meetup with us for a playdate?


Road to a Marathon

 Are you on a journey?


I am on the road to a marathon. I have set a goal! I will run a marathon before I turn 40. This is a big goal for me. I have probably not exercised one bit since I found out I was pregnant with my first child. She is now 4 years old and I also have a second. He turns two at the end of July. At the end of July I will be 39, so this is where my idea came from. I figured I have a little over a year to do this and do it right!

How do you train for a marathon?

Well, for me if it is like other things in life that I have done, there may not be much of the proper training involved. I am one of those type of people that thinks it is mind over matter and if I want to do it, I will. I was a participant in the MS-150, a 2 day bike ride from Houston to Austin, for 12 years, I don’t count year 13 because my knee gave out and I had my mom come pick me up off the roadside about 50 miles into the ride on day one. Did I ever train for the MS-150, not really. Some may think, no surely you did, but no, I just did not LOVE riding that much so I never wanted to commit more time to practicing to do it. I have better things to do on my weekend than riding for 5 hours on a bike and getting no where.  I am also not one of the people that will go to the gym and ride a stationary bike either (that might be even worse in my mind). I just enjoyed completing the BIG event and raising money for a fantastic charity. On another note, it was about 5 years into doing this event before I even realized we had a distant relative with MS. It all really began as a challenge. Some one said to me, “I don’t think you can do it.” Well, I did it and did it a lot longer than he did!

So back to this marathon, when I declared it at the beginning of June, I made a post on Facebook and received lots of advice about how to go about training. It all involved putting forth a lot of time and building up the distances that you run. But once again, I think I may not be the person that can really spend 3 – 5 hours running for practice.  (I mean if you are running those distances to practice, then won’t you practice a marathon before you actually run a marathon? Just doesn’t seem right.) I realize I have to build up my strength and distance, but I don’t think that time commitment will work for me. I am a busy mom of 2 and we are always on the go. Finally though, I did make an effort to get started and I will, at the very least, try to run a little each day and track my progress so I can see the change in my ability to run and hopefully the change in the number on the scale. If I am running I should shed a few pounds too, right? Here is my first progress update from Monday, June 23, 2014.

First attempt at running in quite some time!

WOW, aren’t you impressed?

I wasn’t. When I got back from that run, I thought to myself I ran the entire time, but maybe not as fast as I used to run. It really made me feel unhealthy too. I could not believe that it took me so long to complete just one mile. If I am going to run 26. 2 miles, I better pick up the pace or I will be running a long time. They would probably close the course before I finished. That would be so sad. I believe in myself. I know I can do this. I will do this. I won’t be the last to cross the finish line in the marathon that I select to run. I have already had a friend ask me to join her in a 1/2 marathon in November. I am considering it. I hope I am able to say yes and go with her. It will be great practice for the real distance. Wish me luck and continue to tune it to see my journey on the road to a marathon!



What is HONOR? How does it apply to your walk in life?


If you are a business owner, you may think of honor as


If you are in the military or formerly in the military, you may think of honor as


If you are a parent you may instill this in your children, when you think of honor


If you are a teacher, you may think of honor as


If you are a person of faith, you may see honor as


No matter your walk in life, it is probably best to feel this way…


As we embark on Memorial Day Weekend please take time to remember and HONOR those that gave all for our freedoms in the United States. Blessed are we to have a Happy Memorial Day 2014!


Attitude…is yours worth catching?

ATTITUDES are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

Attitudes are contagious….

We all have ups and downs in life, but the ATTITUDE we present to others can make have a huge impact! Are you having a bad day? Feeling a little grumpy? Have you ever tried one of these ideas?

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror and say everything will be all right!
  • Call a friend to laugh with on the phone. Start out the call by asking “is your refrigerator running?” and if they say “YES”, tell them “you better go catch it!” Who would not laugh at that old joke? And then once you laugh, you smile, and your attitude changes for the BETTER.
  • Write out your troubles on a piece of paper and then throw them away. It is a symbolic gesture, but it may help to release those troubles from your mind for a while and get refocused and reclaim your positive attitude.
  • Make eye contact and say hello to someone you pass in the store, at the gas station, or even at a red light. Sometimes a little word like hello or a friendly smile and wave can make a huge difference for the other person and if they greet you in return, you know it will affect your attitude as well.
Wherever you go…

Impact of Your Attitude

Sometimes it is the little things we do in our day to day activities that can create a chain of events in your life and the life of someone else. Like if someone drops something on the floor while waiting in line, do you bend over to help them pick it up? If you see someone in need do you lend a helping hand? Do you ever just pick up a few extra items at the store to drop them off at a food pantry in your neighborhood? Imagine the impact it has, in those mere seconds it takes you to do something loving for someone else, it not only impacts the one that receives, but it also makes an impact on you. You feel better about having done something loving for someone else, so you have a better attitude and outlook on your day.

If you don’t like something…

Rules to Live By

The law of reciprocity…..when you do something nice for someone else, something nice will be done to you

The Golden Rule… onto others as you would have them do onto you


What ever you want to call it, these impact our attitude!

Many of us grew up living with these rules or BIG ideas, but as times have changed with technology and social media, we are not always as interactive in person. Let’s just say that you are writing a post to your social media network, think about how positive posts impact those that you share with. Wouldn’t you like to be the one that is making a positive contribution to society through your social media network?

Keep your thoughts positive…

In closing, ATTITUDE, it is all about your perspective! Keep a positive outlook and positive thoughts and you will exude that to others and have a positive impact on them which in return positively impacts your life and keeps you going strong!

Hitting the Road for Spring Break

Spring break 2014

Are you hitting the road for spring break?

Many people enjoy this time of year with their family. Students get time off from school. Parents take the time off from work to be with the kids. Teachers LOVE spring break more than the kids (I know from experience).  We all enjoy this much needed break in different ways, but most by taking to the roads to cruise across America to visit a new destination or an old family favorite!


Dream Vacations 1

If you are getting ready to travel, then you may want to do these things to prepare:

  • Do all of your laundry before you try to pack
  • Pull out an item to pack as soon as you think of it
  • Don’t take more than one ‘special’ outfit, chances are, you will not need it
  • Dust off the suitcases and toiletry bags, update name tags on each
  • Inspect vehicle tires and ensure they are at the correct air pressure (if road tripping)
  • Pack toiletry items in the luggage you will check and extra clothes in the carry-on bag (if traveling by air)

Items you may want to include when packing:

  • reusable water bottle
  • travel-size first aid kit
  • your regular skincare products
  • your favorite shoes for walking (not the new ones that will cause blisters)
  • sunglasses, broad rim hat, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen
  • medical information and emergency contact numbers

No matter where your travels take you, one thing is for sure…while you are there if you think, ‘should I take a picture of this’, then you better snap it. CAMERAS are a must while you are traveling. It is very easy to snap those photos with our handy-little phones, so no need to lug that extra fancy camera that you own. And remember the golden rule: be considerate of others when snapping pictures, as you would also want others to be considerate to you.

Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you this spring break. Remember to be safe and enjoy every moment! Take only photos and leave only footprints. Cherish the memories you make.

Spring Break BeginsHappy Travels to you!