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Graphics for Social Media Networks

Do you enjoy communicating with others on social media networks? Have you heard a picture is worth a thousand words? Are you sharing graphics to share more about your philosophy/products/services/specials?

Do you have online parties or events? Do you offer specials daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually? Do you need a quick video to showcase ten to twenty items from a special collection? Do you think a video is better than having someone look at each picture? Click play! This video is from a recent online event I hosted for my business.


Do you participate in live events and want a better way to share your images from the event? Sharing a video of images from the event may make people feel like they should have been there or that they missed out, prompting them to join in next time. Click play to see an example from a breakfast event.


If you are a small business owner NOW is the time to utilize the power of social media networks to share information! Allow me to create graphics or videos for you to share on your networks. It is the time to brand your graphics before sharing them to harness the power of your brand!

Look to the right and click send Tara Buck a voicemail message if you would like to discuss a project and receive a quote. Thanks for your consideration!

Are you an industry expert?

Are you an industry expert? Do you take pride in sharing your knowledge with others?


Many people are using social networks to share more about their brand and their business. A large number of people in your network probably know what you do for a living. Sharing your knowledge with them and showing them you are an expert in your field IS something you do on a daily basis. Are you leveraging your knowledge as a marketing tool?

zero days_iamtarabuck

Do you sometimes hope your network will share your knowledge with others? When your network does share what you post, does that make you feel accomplished, valued, honored?

Make YOUr brand stand out! Let people know that you are an expert. Remind them to share your posts on your social networks and theirs. Brand your message! Make what you share with others memorable to those that view it!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. Are you making your words WORK for you?

If I can assist you in creating assets for your business, please leave me a voice message. Let’s start a conversation and determine if I can meet your needs. Thank you!

Are you sharing a message?

Do you have a message to share on your social media networks?


Like many we make posts to our social networks on a daily basis. For some we are sharing our message or information about our brand or business. We hope to allow others to know more about us and what we do. So when you make a post are you using branded graphics to share your message? Are you hoping others will share what you are posting? If they share will you get acknowledged for your message? Sometimes, you may, but if you are using branded graphics, you have taken the first step to making sure the world knows the source. And let’s be real, it feels good when we see others share what we have posted. It makes us feel valuable. It confirms that our message is truly important to others.

If you need help creating assets to use on your social media networks, I would be honored to help you. Please leave me a voice message and we can talk about how I can help.

Take a look at some of the graphics below to see my creations.


Deal of the Day







teen skin concerns



Every day is a sun day



Thank you for taking a minute to look at my work. If you need more information about what services I can offer to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would delighted to serve you and make your brand stand out online.

Branded Graphics Make You Memorable

Need to BRAND yourself with matching designs on your social networks?


PRESS PLAY and view the collection or scroll down to view the collection of several eye catching Facebook covers and other branded graphics that I have designed for my personal page, business page, my webpage, twitter account, YouTube channel, event pages and other social networks! I want to share my skills with you, as a way to help with your business. If interested in pricing, please leave me a message. We can work together to get your ideas and a few key images turned into a new eye catching Facebook cover just for you, your business, your group page, your events, or whatever you might need. I can create matching graphics for twitter, google +, YouTube channels, or websites.

BRAND yourself to stand out! Impress others in your industry or network. Make people take notice! Consistency across your networks with branded graphics is key so when people find you, they know it is you.



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April_after Easter cover_iamtarabuck
Tara Buck’s Facebook Cover

April Showers cover_iamtarabuck

TODAY IS THE DAY_iamtarabuck
TODAY IS THE DAY – Great reminder cover when your event arrives!
Humble Chapter of WSN: Bedroom Boudoir Event June 1, 2014
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If you are interested in pricing or would like to know if I can create something for you, please leave me a message. I would enjoy creating something that you can use in your business to make yourself, your brand, STAND OUT! Thanks for your consideration.