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Common Skin Problems

Common Skin Problems for Teens

This is a special post for Ms. Taylor’s 8th grade class! After I left your class, I started thinking about other ways I could share more information with you. This is what I was able to come up with just for you all and any other teens out there following my blog!

Ready to talk with Ms. Taylor’s 8th grade class!

Are you concerned about any of these:  Cleaning and moisturizing your skin? Removing your make-up? Protecting your skin from the sun? Acne treatment and prevention? Sensitivity?

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of being a teen, from 13 – 19, you might have some skin problems and want to know what you can do to help yourself with these common concerns. Read on and share with your teen friends!

Cleaning and Moisturizing Your Skin

While sharing with all of the beautiful young ladies in Ms. Taylor’s class on May 9th, we talked about how to clean our skin and do it WITHOUT breaking the bank since you all are saving for college. Here are great finds from Allure Magazine: Beauty Finds for Under $20. Click on the link and check out slide #1 (am moisturizer with sunscreen), slide  #3 (am with sunscreen and tint for coverage), slide #5 (acne solution), slide #7 (sensitive skin concerns) and slide #9 (moisturizer with SPF). These might be great options for you to consider when determining what might be right for you depending on your skin issues. In addition, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a gentle and effective way to clean your skin rather than just using soap and water.

Preventing Sun Damage

Are you looking for ways to prevent sun damage to your skin, the Skin Cancer Foundation has some great information for you on how to repair or even reverse the signs of sun damage. Some of the big items that were included by them, we also talked about! They are protecting your skin daily with a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen, exfoliating a few times a week and staying hydrated, especially during the summer! Check out this information from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields on what recent studies have shown actually inspire teens to use sunscreen, it may shock you and change the way you start the conversation with your teen. If you are a teen, hopefully you will realize that sunscreen daily will have a huge impact on how your skin ages.


Acne Treatment and Prevention

If acne is your biggest problem, there has been a lot of product development over the years to help you fight the battle, and WIN. In the WebMD article Coping With Acne: Your Care Plan, the three main categories of acne are described and various treatment options are given as well. You can read more on their site, but remember acne is treatable and preventable, however you must find something that works for you and stick with the routine. Just because your face begins to clear up does not mean you can stop your routine. If you have acne prone skin, you have to have follow through to stop the cycle and clear your skin and CONTINUE to keep it clear! If you want to see what all is out there in terms of acne treatments, you can see a wide variety of acne treatments at an online resource that will allow you to read up on what is available before you take a trip to your local store to make a purchase.


If you need an emergency pimple fix, here are some tips from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields from their book Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change:

1. Apply ice buffered by a napkin for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce redness and telltale swelling.

2. Cleanse and apply a treatment lotion containing sulfur, which can be purchased without a prescription. Sulfur helps to unplug pores and shrink swelling.

3. Follow with a product containing 1% hydrocortisone or benzoyl peroxide (both are available over the counter) to keep pores freer and clearer.

4. Apply a thin layer of a medicated concealer.

5. If time permits get a cortisone shot from your dermatologist. The results can be miraculous.

Sensitive Skin

Is your skin always reacting to the products you use? Perhaps you have sensitive skin. If that is the case, Women’s Health Magazine gave some tips for winterizing your skin, that can apply all year. We also discussed that you should try to find products that are fragrance and dye free. The article from Women’s Health gives great advice and suggests some products that you might like and that your skin may take to easily.

Removing Make-up

Ready for some make-up removal tips? Make sure you remove your make-up everyday before you go to bed for the evening. Now to see how it is done very easily, you have to check out these video clips with 8 easy steps from Wiki How to do anything: How to Remove Make-up. We talked about coconut oil, but as suggested in this video petroleum jelly, olive oil and baby oil are good alternatives. Just be sure to remove all oils used so as not to clog your pores. You will keep your skin looking great and feeling healthy!

And no matter what you do, keep these 10 ideas in mind for HEALTHY skin! Forming these habits early in life will help you keep your skin healthy for the long run!

Top Ten Healthy Skin Habits

In closing, remember the words of Dr. Felicia Scott and Lady Tyonne Godfrey:


Let’s not have a SITUATION problem with our fashion!

We look forward to sharing more with you all. Find us on the web at:

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Dr. Felicia Scott

Lady Tyonne Godfrey

Tara Buck

Take care of your SKIN!

mothers day facebook cover

MOM says…”Take care of your SKIN!”

Deal of the Day
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Is Your Skin Ready for Summer?

Our Sunscreen Collection

If you don’t know much about sunscreen labels or why you should read them, click here to learn more about what you should look for and questions you might need to ask yourself.

We offer 8 different sunscreen products to meet your needs. The sunscreens we offer are all broad spectrum sunscreens that range from SPF 20 to SPF 50+. They have all been recommended for daily use by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Daily use it not just enough, you must also remember to reapply throughout the day. Protect your skin DAILY with the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen!  May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, please read the prevention guidelines found on the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website.

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Children’s Books We Love

Children’s Books We LOVE – Part One

Do you have a list of favorite books that you like to read to your children? Do your children have a list of books that they like you to read to them? Around our house, there are a few that we LOVE to read together during the day or at bed time. If you would like to get a copy of one of these for your children, just click the image or highlighted text to go to Amazon, check the price and purchase your copy. I hope you enjoy reading to your children as much as I enjoy reading to mine!


children books

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs, created by Stephen Elkins and illustrated by Tim O’Connor  will soon be hidden in your child’s heart and bursting out in song. From Genesis and Revelation, to Psalms, Proverbs, and Jesus’ parables, children will read their favorite Bible story and sing their favorite Bible song. Bible truths and Life Action Applications will help your child take these biblical teachings to heart. 100 kid-friendly Bible stories, with adorable illustrations, are paired with two awesome CDs filled with 100 new arrangements of favorite songs, hymns, and spirituals. It’s a unique experience the whole family will enjoy!


children book

For generations the The Tale of Three Trees A Traditional Folktale, retold by Angela Elwell Hunt with illustrations by Tim Jonke, has been handed down from parents to children, retold in churches at Christmas and Easter; and even set to music and sung.  It is a beautiful tale of three trees and their journey in the life of a tree – thinking about what they want to become, with dreams of treasure chests, sailboats, and growing tall up to the heavens. And the reality of what they do become a feed box, fishing boat, and lumber. However in the end, we know them as a manger, the boat of Jesus, and the cross.  As is often true of folktales, its originator is unknown, but I hope it blesses your family.


children books

In Roma Downey’s Little Angels Angels Watching Over Us, written by Karen Moore and illustrated by Lisa Reed and Kelly Pulley, the little angels have an important job – to protect and guide twins Alex and Zoe. When the children squabble over whether to swing or play ball, Michael, the leader of the angels, shows up to explain the concept of cooperation to them. Soon the twins learn that they can have more fun if they work and play together. A great lesson for all children!
In Roma Downey’s Little Angels Thankful for God’s Blessings, written by Diane Stortz and illustrated by Lisa Reed and Kelly Pulley, Alex is having a bad day! Grrr… we have all been there, right? When he grumbles that things always seem to go wrong for him, Michael, the lead angel, suggest they play a gratitude game. Alex and Zoe learn that they have a lot to be thankful for – and that all their blessings come from God.


children book

In Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback, it reminds us that just when we begin to think what we have is no longer valuable because it is old and worn, you see how Joseph shows us how we can re-purpose an item. The general theme is “You can always make something out of nothing”. From his overcoat to the vest, to the tie to a little button, Joseph takes us through a journey to show how his overcoat changes so many times from one thing to the next and finally ends up being the basis of his story, certainly making something out of nothing!


children books 7_iamtarabuck

In The Wall by Eve Bunting with illustrations by Ronald Himler, a boy and his father take a trip coming from far away to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. They are there to find the name of the boy’s grandfather, who was killed in the conflict. It conveys what the boy sees while he is at the wall. Including other veterans, parents of fallen soldiers, letters left at the wall, school groups visiting the wall, to those searching for a name on the wall. It also shares how he would rather have his grandfather with him. Great to share with the kids at Memorial Day and give meaning to the holiday we celebrate to remember those fallen heroes.


children books 6_iamtarabuck

A Day’s Work by Eve Bunting with illustrations by Ronald Himler, shares the story of Francisco, a young Mexican American boy, who tries to help his grandfather, a day laborer, find work for the day so they will have money to buy food for the family. He quickly jumps into action upon seeing a gardening truck pull up. He is dishonest in talking to the man that will hire his grandfather for the work. He learns the hard way that what he did was wrong, but he also  discovers that even though the old man cannot speak English, he has something even more valuable to teach Francisco about being honest, true to yourself and hard-working!


children books 3_iamtarabuck

Mice and Beans, by Pam Munoz Ryan with illustrations by Joe Cepeda, is about a sweet grandma that is preparing for her granddaughter’s seventh birthday. She creates a list of things she needs to do for the week, but always seems to be forgetting something or having something that is missing. No worries though, the little mice help her get everything done for the party so the celebration will be the best! It teaches days of the week, some Spanish vocabulary, and how to have room in your heart for everything including little helpful mice! It even includes some recipes to try and cook with the kids when you finish reading the book!


These stories are just part of our huge collection (being a former teacher, I have so many that I used in my classroom that I can now share with my kids, but the truth is some of them were even my books as a little girl!). I love to share books with my children so they can see the importance of reading, being read to, and just get that true LOVE for reading at a young age. We take a trip to the library each week and we pick up even more books to enjoy at home. I guess I feel like you can never have too many books to read and especially to read with your children. Happy Reading!

Do You Know Why You Should Read Sunscreen Labels?

spring equinox
Spring has arrived!


What should you look for in a sunscreen?

Although we should be using sunscreen on a daily basis, as the weather begins to get warmer, as spring arrives, some of us finally begin to think about sunscreen. We are ready to get out and have fun in the sun during this time of the year, but we should remember to protect our skin!

sunscreen questions

You might be asking yourself these questions when it comes to sunscreens:

  • Am I reading and understanding the sunscreen labels on my sunscreen products?
  • Do I know what my sunscreen is doing for me?
  • How do I determine what is best for me when it comes to a sunscreen?
  • What are my friends using for a sunscreen?

 Here are some tips to help you find a sunscreen you will love.

First, and most importantly, you want to be sure that you have a broad spectrum sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Second, you want to look at the SPF rating and select one with an SPF of 30 or higher. Next, look for a sunscreen that is water resistant. While it is water resistant, you still need to reapply after a certain number of minutes (the number of minutes will follow the words water resistant).

Not allowed on labels

When we read labels from the past, we were familiar with wording like waterproof, sweat proof and sunblock, but the truth is, that these products are not water proof and do not block the sun from our skin, so these terms are no longer acceptable on labels.

What about sunscreens with insect repellents? Do you buy a combination insect/sunscreen product? While it sounds like a good idea to knock out two birds with one stone, it really is not. Here is why: sunscreen will need to be applied liberally and reapplied throughout the day, while your insect repellant is not needed as often and is used much more sparingly.

Protect your lips

Do you protect your lips from the sun? If you do not, you should make it a point to use a lip balm that is broad spectrum. Use it year round to protect your lips everyday!

Finally, buy items you really like because if you like the sunscreen products you are more likely to USE them! Try the products whenever possible to make sure you like the smell and how they feel on your skin. Ask friends what they use to get some ideas for shopping. Try their products, if possible, to see what you think. You want to be happy with your purchase, so determine if your product has a hassle free, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not, shop around. Once you find something you like make your purchase. Use you sunscreen products daily for the best results, because every day is a SUN day!

Every day is a sun day

Protecting Our Skin

MARCH is traditionally the time for SPRING BREAK!
To enjoy your spring break will you be staying at home or taking a trip?
Whether or not you decide to travel, there is one thing we should all make into a daily habit…


Protect your skin

Everyday is a SUN day. Yes, we are always exposed to UVA and UVB rays here on Earth.
Did you know that UVA rays cause your skin to age and that UVB rays can burn your skin?



Even if you did not, one thing is for sure, we should all use a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen that protects the skin from both types of rays. So when you stop into you local pharmacy or sit down to shop online, make sure to check the label on your sunscreen before making that purchase. You want to be sure it is a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen. You should also apply liberally 15 – 30 minutes before going out into the sun and practice reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you go for a swim.

So no matter if you are staying in your neck of the woods or taking a trip to a tropical destination, you might also want to remember these items to help protect your skin:

  • Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen
  • Lightweight, long sleeve shirt to cover up
  • Broad rim hat
  • Sunglasses

In addition, find places in the shade to sit and relax while you take in the scenery or read a good book. Enjoy your spring break and enjoy your skin!

skin and sunscreenIf you would like to see some of our family favorites for broad spectrum SPF sunscreens, check out the links below:

For the entire family

For my children:

My favorite:

My husband’s favorite:


Please note if you are interested to see if your favorite company’s products are tested on animals, check out this link: and do a search for the brand or company name.

Explore and Enjoy Your Community

Tomball TX Depot

Have you been out and about in your community and acted like a visitor? Taken a stroll down Main Street, Any City, Any State, USA lately? If not, you really must give it a try.

I am a native Houstonian, but now reside in Tomball. Although we have been here for a little over a year and a half, we always find something new to do. Our community offers lots of festivals and community events that really make this city have that wonderful hometown feel. Check out the Tomball, TX website for local fun!

Our Main Street is made up of cute little shops that have antiques to handcrafted boots to high priced jewelry. On any given day you could get lost in the fun of taking a stroll and window shopping or going into a shop to browse. You could stop by the local barber and get a quick haircut. Find a cupcake shop and have a sweet treat. Swing by a dinner to grab a bite to eat. It seems no matter which place I wander into I am always surprised to find something new.

We often visit the historic Tomball Depot Plaza. It is a central location for the community. Many of the festivals take place at the Depot. Just today, we enjoyed the trail riders coming in to the Depot to rest in Tomball before heading on to their final destination – the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo Parade. It offers a large green space for the kids to run and play, a gazebo, the depot museum, a rail car to investigate, and a splash pad for those hot Texas days.



If you don’t like to stroll and get lost, try driving around your area. We have gone for drives and stumbled upon some fantastic parks that our kids enjoy. We make visits to the M.L.K. Jr. Park, Jerry Matheson Park, and Juergens Park on a regular basis. They are all well maintained and offer shade along with great playgrounds and picnic areas for the kids. When you have kids, you know you always need restrooms at the park. Lucky for us, every park we have been to has well maintained restrooms.


We have also happened upon some road signs that point out our local museums. It is our mission in 2014 to get there. We are still exploring our town and finding new things to do everyday. If you have not explored your community like a visitor, I highly recommend it!

The good thing is that our kids are young and will grow up in a city that has the hometown feel! Just one of the reasons I love Tomball.

heart tomball tx

Feeling Like a Failure

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and makes you think “am I a failure?“.


I recently began the journey to rejoin the workforce by taking a job at my daughter’s pre-school. I went through the application process, training, and started working as a teacher. Yippee! Great Work! I mean who would not love 20 little 3 year olds running around, learning and listening to you all day? Oh, wait…they don’t listen all that well. But really, it is a nice, safe environment where my children can learn, I can teach, and it will add a little more to the family income. Win – Win for us!

class of toddlers

I thought going back to work was what I wanted until I woke up one morning crying about it all. I have two small children, ages 3 and 1. I just knew this job was going to allow me to be there at school with them during the day, so of course that would make it easier, right? WRONG! Once I started working, my daughter would stand at her classroom window when I dropped her off and wave to me and tears would trickle down her cheeks, breaking my heart as a mother. Since my son just started on the school adventure, he cried his little eyes out as I left him in his classroom. He had very rough days too and unfortunately picked up every germ known to 1 year olds and has been sick since he started. I guess being at home with them both since they were born makes it very difficult for them to adjust quickly to the change of not having mommy around them all day long.

And then there was my adjustment – a 40 hour work week, grocery shopping on the weekend, laundry, dishes, dinner, house work, story time, bedtime routines and the list seems to keep going on and on. How do people do this I began to wonder. When do they find the time to do all the necessary chores in life, enjoy their family and live a life that is happy and complete? As I cried that morning, I had feelings of being a failure. I thought here I am with a college degree and 13 years of teaching experience in my past and I can’t seem to find the will to get up and go to this job again today. I just cried and cried. Then I stopped and got ready for work. I made lunches, loaded the kids in the truck and off we went to school. I just kept thinking I can’t do this.

So here I am admitting I tried, but it is not working out for me. It was a great learning experience that I can add to my resume. While I know this job is not what will define me in life, I may have failed at staying the course, but the trade-offs in my mind were just too high. In trying to go back to work, the stress it caused our family was far too great to really think it would be beneficial to continue. While the job did stretch my patience, it also made me realize I am not ready to give up being at home with my babies. So while I would like to contribute more financially to our family’s income, I will have to pass on that for the meantime so that I can add more to the family LOVE account!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day-TaraBuck

Germs, Germs Go Away!

My, oh my! Our family has been so tired and run down. We have been caught by some ugly, bad germs lately. Seems like we just can’t catch a break. I can’t believe that all four of us have had some kind of sickness in the last week. We have been to the doctor’s office 3 times in the last 7 days. So I just wanted to send a letter to the germs…

germsDear Icky, Yucky Germs:

You are welcome to leave our home. Go back to wherever you came from! We are tired of you. We will not take it any more. We have sprayed every door knob, light switch, and sink faucet with Lysol and hope you are squirming to your untimely demise! Do not try to re-enter our home or you will be crushed. Whether you are a cold germ or flu germ or some type of viral infection, we won’t allow you to get us again. We are building up our immunities by eating healthy, staying hydrated and disinfecting more than ever before. Here is to your end and our happy February!

The Buck Family

Balancing Act

Finding the right balance is key to happiness!
Finding the right balance is key to happiness!

Have you ever been in a place in life where you are looking for balance? How do you decide the parts of life to give the most energy to? How do you fit everything in to the mere 24 hours we have each day? In every person’s life there is always a struggle to find the right balance with love, faith, family, career, finances, you name it, the list can go on. I find myself in a place in life where I am looking for the balance to fit my needs and my family’s needs. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom to my 2 young children. That may be hard to believe for some, because I once stated in my twenties that I never wanted children. Go figure, you meet the perfect man and everything changes.

As my life has changed by marrying the man of my dreams and our family has grown in number, our dreams for our family have developed. In order to make those dreams a reality, we are working on the plans to design and build our forever home. Therefore, I find myself going back to the workforce to add to the family budget. I have been supplementing our income with my own personal business this past year, but want to be able to contribute even more. Being a teacher for 13 years, I opted to go back into a teaching position, but not in the traditional role of a public school educator. I was blessed with the opportunity to become a lead teacher at my daughter’s pre-school, therefore, my son has now enrolled as well. My children and I are able to leave the house each morning together and they are in the same building with me each day. We leave together at the end of the day to come back home and enjoy family life. I know this may sound corny to some, but after being with them since their birth, I will admit, I am very attached to them and love having them around me 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I know they are receiving quality early childhood development based on the curriculum the school provides. So while I am torn between staying at home with them and helping them develop mentally and socially, on my own, and sending them off to a classroom, I find comfort in the fact that I am there with them at school.

Now the balancing act also includes all the chores of running a household and maintaining a business while working outside the home for 10 hours a day (drive time included). I am experiencing some tiredness, but I would imagine every one does as they begin a new balancing act. My husband is very helpful when it comes to the kids and maintaining our family routines, which is also a blessing. I am grateful that I am able to be there for my family and to contribute so that we can continue to live the life of our dreams and truly be happy!

I would love to hear how you find balance in your life. Tips are appreciated, just leave me a comment!