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Easter Activities for Kids

With Easter coming up on Sunday, April 20th, are you looking for some easy Easter activities for kids? If you are, I have a few ideas for you. These were suggested by my friends and are tried and true. I am sure they will be a hit with the kids.

Easter Activities for Kids in the Kitchen

Olga Serpas and Jenny Conwell Greaney suggested that we try to make these kid friendly treats with the all time favorite cereal – Kellogg’s Rice Krispies! They have easy to follow directions and ingredient lists on the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies page, just click on the links below to get there.

Robin’s Egg Nest Treat

Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats

Chocolate Bunny Treats

Rice Krispies Easter Treats
Rice Krispies Easter Treats

Looking for an easy snack for the kids to make on Easter day? This one looks fun to make and yummy to eat!

Banana Dolphins
Banana Dolphins

My friend Deanna Woollen thought these Banana Dolphins that were shared on the Consignment Mommies‘s Facebook page were cute. The caption read, “How cute are these banana dolphin snacks from Luz’s Unique Creations? What a fun way to prepare fruit snacks for a party!” If you have bananas and grapes around the house, these banana dolphins would be simple for the kids to make for their snack time treat. They are certainly more nutritious to eat than all the candy they have been hunting!

Easter Activities for Kids Outside

Abdhaly Guzman Farnsworth suggested, “Jelly Beans in the Garden.” Wondering what to do? You have your little sweeties plant jelly beans the night before Easter in your garden/flowerbed/small inside container (be creative). Then on Easter morning, they can see what has grown while they were sleeping… stick lollipops. (Provided you go out and put them in the same area.) You might want to take out the jelly beans in case you have a curious kiddo that will dig in the ground to be sure the jelly beans are gone or have grown.

Jelly Beans to Lollipops
Jelly Beans to Lollipops

Easter Activities for Kids During Art Time

My friend Michelle Young gave me some crafty ideas for kids to create during art time. Painting crosses – you can pick up some paint and small/large crosses at a local craft store. Paint the crosses on a rainy day. Let the kids personalize them by adding stickers or creating layered designs. Print Easter clip art – bunnies, chicks, baskets, crosses, eggs – from the computer. Allow the kids to color with markers or crayons. With older kids, they can cut out their pictures and make a banner by stringing them together or gluing them down on a larger piece of paper. They could also practice creating patterns with their pictures. These are sure to add hours of fun for the kids between now and Easter!

Easter Pictures
Easter Pictures

Hope you all enjoy these activities. Thank you ladies for all of your suggestions! Please let me know how these activities go for your kids! Would love to see your pictures too. You can share them with me at

Do You Know Why You Should Read Sunscreen Labels?

spring equinox
Spring has arrived!


What should you look for in a sunscreen?

Although we should be using sunscreen on a daily basis, as the weather begins to get warmer, as spring arrives, some of us finally begin to think about sunscreen. We are ready to get out and have fun in the sun during this time of the year, but we should remember to protect our skin!

sunscreen questions

You might be asking yourself these questions when it comes to sunscreens:

  • Am I reading and understanding the sunscreen labels on my sunscreen products?
  • Do I know what my sunscreen is doing for me?
  • How do I determine what is best for me when it comes to a sunscreen?
  • What are my friends using for a sunscreen?

 Here are some tips to help you find a sunscreen you will love.

First, and most importantly, you want to be sure that you have a broad spectrum sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Second, you want to look at the SPF rating and select one with an SPF of 30 or higher. Next, look for a sunscreen that is water resistant. While it is water resistant, you still need to reapply after a certain number of minutes (the number of minutes will follow the words water resistant).

Not allowed on labels

When we read labels from the past, we were familiar with wording like waterproof, sweat proof and sunblock, but the truth is, that these products are not water proof and do not block the sun from our skin, so these terms are no longer acceptable on labels.

What about sunscreens with insect repellents? Do you buy a combination insect/sunscreen product? While it sounds like a good idea to knock out two birds with one stone, it really is not. Here is why: sunscreen will need to be applied liberally and reapplied throughout the day, while your insect repellant is not needed as often and is used much more sparingly.

Protect your lips

Do you protect your lips from the sun? If you do not, you should make it a point to use a lip balm that is broad spectrum. Use it year round to protect your lips everyday!

Finally, buy items you really like because if you like the sunscreen products you are more likely to USE them! Try the products whenever possible to make sure you like the smell and how they feel on your skin. Ask friends what they use to get some ideas for shopping. Try their products, if possible, to see what you think. You want to be happy with your purchase, so determine if your product has a hassle free, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not, shop around. Once you find something you like make your purchase. Use you sunscreen products daily for the best results, because every day is a SUN day!

Every day is a sun day

Hitting the Road for Spring Break

Spring break 2014

Are you hitting the road for spring break?

Many people enjoy this time of year with their family. Students get time off from school. Parents take the time off from work to be with the kids. Teachers LOVE spring break more than the kids (I know from experience).  We all enjoy this much needed break in different ways, but most by taking to the roads to cruise across America to visit a new destination or an old family favorite!


Dream Vacations 1

If you are getting ready to travel, then you may want to do these things to prepare:

  • Do all of your laundry before you try to pack
  • Pull out an item to pack as soon as you think of it
  • Don’t take more than one ‘special’ outfit, chances are, you will not need it
  • Dust off the suitcases and toiletry bags, update name tags on each
  • Inspect vehicle tires and ensure they are at the correct air pressure (if road tripping)
  • Pack toiletry items in the luggage you will check and extra clothes in the carry-on bag (if traveling by air)

Items you may want to include when packing:

  • reusable water bottle
  • travel-size first aid kit
  • your regular skincare products
  • your favorite shoes for walking (not the new ones that will cause blisters)
  • sunglasses, broad rim hat, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen
  • medical information and emergency contact numbers

No matter where your travels take you, one thing is for sure…while you are there if you think, ‘should I take a picture of this’, then you better snap it. CAMERAS are a must while you are traveling. It is very easy to snap those photos with our handy-little phones, so no need to lug that extra fancy camera that you own. And remember the golden rule: be considerate of others when snapping pictures, as you would also want others to be considerate to you.

Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you this spring break. Remember to be safe and enjoy every moment! Take only photos and leave only footprints. Cherish the memories you make.

Spring Break BeginsHappy Travels to you!

What is on your March Calendar?

We are one week into the month of March……Do you have your plans for the month mapped out on your calendar or are you looking for things to do?

Daylight Savings Timg Begins
One big event that will affect everyone is Daylight Savings Time on March 9th. Don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night, so you will wake up ready for a new day on Sunday with more sunshine (weather permitting)!


Looking for fun family activities in Tomball? Here are a couple that are sure to be fun for the whole family!

2nd Saturday at the Depot
2nd Saturday at the Depot

It’s tomorrow! 2nd Saturday at the Depot, March 8th, featuring the film, “The Flintstones”! Games, rock painting, food and a special reptilian guest . . . you don’t want to miss it. The fun starts around 5 pm at the historic Depot Plaza in downtown Tomball – 201 South Elm. See you there!

Amber Digby, Tomball Honky Tonk Festival
Amber Digby, Tomball Honky Tonk Festival

3rd Annual Tomball Honky Tonk Music Festival, Saturday, March 15
It’s a full afternoon of old-style, two-stepping honky tonk music at Tomball’s historic Depot. Scheduled to perform are Dale Watson, Jeff Woolsey & the Dance Hall Kings, Justin Trevino, and direct from the Grand Ole Opry – Miss Amber Digby. You can register at for the Tomball Two-Step Washers Tournament, too. There will be food and beverages, vendors and a kids zone. If you’re planning to come to Tomball’s Honky Tonk Music Festival on Saturday, March 15th from out of town, we have great rates for you at local hotels! Just make the call and tell them you want the Tomball Honky Tonk Music Festival rate! It’s that simple…

America’s Best Value Inn & Suites
22420 Park Road
Tomball, Texas 77377
Call 281-255-9030 for reservations and “Special Festival Rates”
Web: America’s Best Value Inn & Suites

Hampton Inn & Suites
14100 Medical Complex Drive
Tomball, Texas 77373
Call 281-357-1500 for reservations and “Special Festival Rates”
Web: Hampton Inn and Suites

La Quinta Inns & Suites
14000 Medical Complex Drive
Tomball, TX 77375
Call 281-516-0400 for reservations and “Special Festival Rates”
Email: e-mail
Web: La Quinta – Tomball

Find out more about what is happening in Tomball, TX on Facebook Tomball Texan For Fun.


If you are looking to have some fun with just your significant other or to have an awesome night out with the girls, check out these activities for the grown-ups at The Empty Glass located at 104 Market Street, Tomball, TX. Whether it is live music, karaoke, ladies night, or wine tastings that might interest you, they have them all at The Empty Glass.

The Empty Glass March Calendar of Events
The Empty Glass March Calendar of Events

Find out more about The Empty Glass on Facebook as well.


If you want to drive a little farther and enjoy some of what Houston offers for family fun, here are the links to the events calendars at the Children’s Museum Houston and the Houston Zoo.

Fill up your March calendar with FUN before the month slips away!