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Tomball, TX – Radical Referrals

In Search Of: Tomball, TX Businesses

Please join us for a NEW WAY of doing business. Radical Referrals meetings will be held on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Same place, same time. The Tomball, TX location has been opened by the licensed leader, Chelsea Robertson. Press play and see pictures from the launch!


Bring your business cards, your calendar and a great attitude! Learn a new way of doing business with faster results. There is one spot per Direct Sales Company/Private Business category. If your business is already represented in the group, still feel free to join us and you can be directed to another group that does not have the spot filled. We welcome ALL!

The meeting is one hour long. The format is simple – short introductions and then we DO BUSINESS! Schedule appointments, book orders, etc! CASH AND CARRY Welcome! There is no fee for the first two meetings attended. Please feel free to bring your friends in business. We have a yearly commitment fee to join Radical Referrals. There are no other fees.

If you would like to open your own location of Radical Referrals then please contact and please visit Radical Referrals USA.


Referring is KEY to Business

Are you referring business to other small business owners?

Referring business to other business owners plants seeds that you will one day reap as a business owner. Referring is the lifeblood of business! Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Isn’t that the golden rule in life? So shouldn’t that be the golden rule of business? If you offer referrals, others will also begin to think of you when they know your business and ideal client.

Radical Referrals The Woodlands is a whole new way for independent business women to grow their businesses! Do you need more leads for your business and want to increase your reach? All Radical Referral members are committed to referring business to each other. We are also coached to ask for business at the handshake so we can build our business stronger!

Click play to see more about Radical Referrals The Woodlands and who we are looking to connect with to build more businesses in our area.


Do you know someone that would have an interest? Please share with them.

We believe in business first! Join us as a guest to see us in action, or check out Connect with Alison Strobel Morrow on Facebook or find us on meetup to join us at the next meeting.


Radical Referrals – The Woodlands, TX

Networking on a new level! Radical Referrals The Woodlands, TX is an opportunity to meet fellow business women that are ready and committed to building their business and helping you build yours. Alison Strobel Morrow, former Colorado resident, experienced how Radical Referrals could help her build her business therefore, she partnered with Susan Kildahl, the founder of Radical Referrals USA and brought the format for the group to TX! Thank you Alison!!

I was introduced to Radical Referrals in January of 2015. I attended my first meeting on January 5th and knew the business building potential right away. The energy in the group was very high! Motivated people do great things and when they join forces extraordinary things can happen. I joined a few days later and have enjoyed attending the meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. I know it is only February, but our group is already growing and the business leads are there are well through the 6 ways we can help each other to build our businesses.

Click play and see a small video I created using Beth Moses’ pictures from our 1st Monday in February at Casa Medina Mexican Restaurant in The Woodlands, TX.


Thank you to our leader, members, and our guests that attended the meeting. Better connections are being formed and business growth is happening! Thank you Casa Media for excellent service and wonderful food and drinks.

Join us and see why we are different! Next meeting date is February 16, 2015. See you there!

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

My best wishes for you:
Great start for January,
Love for February,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy from June to November,
Happiness for December.
Have a wonderfully successful 2015!


From our family to yours,
May this new year of 2015, bring love, more happiness, bigger smiles, many blessings & even more success into your life.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


#SocialChallenge Day 17: What is the Thing You Most Wish You Were Great At?

Tamara Hancock

There are tons of things I wish I were great at.  Like, I wish I were great at being skinny!  And, I wish I were great at not being lazy.  And, I wish I were great at doing back flips and cartwheels.   Oh, and holding my breath.  I wish I could hold my breath for minutes on end.  It sure would save me from some horrific smells like dog farts, Hubber toilet toxins, Jessi’s morning breath and poopy diaper changes in public restrooms.  I also wish I were a great writer who has authored many books and travels the world doing book signings and hobnobbing with the rich and famous.  And, dancing.  I wish I didn’t have two left feet.  I can dance in my chair all night long, but stand me up on a dance floor and you might as well forget about it.

I also wish I were great at having patience.  And, at not sweating the small stuff.  And, it would be nice to be great at being dumb and ignorant once in a while.  Being THIS smart is a huge burden to bear.

But, more than all these fabulous things, I wish that I could sing.  I wish that my voice brought tears of joy to people’s eyes. I would stand in front of crowds and from my mouth would flow glorious tunes; all melodious and euphoric.  I would sell tons of records and everyone would adore me.  I’d live in a mansion on beach and my children would be shipped off to boarding school in Europe where they’d be the envy of all because their mother was THAT famous singer with the most angelic voice in existence.

I would sing so fabulously that I’d have an assistant assigned to making sure my voice was taken care of all the time… I’d gargle with champagne and wrap my neck in alpaca wool to keep vocals protected.

Speaking of alpaca wool… I wish I owned an alpaca farm!  If I were a famous singer, that’d be the first thing I bought.  Do you know how much money you can get from harvesting alpaca wool?!  Also, they’re cute.  And, when they die (of natural causes, of course), I will get them taxidermied.  I’ll create my own dead alpaca museum – like a wax museum, only way more badass!  I’d pose my stuffed alpacas in fun poses wearing cowboy hats and shooting pistols; or up on tippy toes in ballet tutus.  It’ll all be very amazing!

Maybe I’ll teach my live alpacas to sing!  We’d start our own ALPACAPELLA choir!  We’d do one of those “extreme Christmas decorating” things on our farm and the alpaca choir would sing Christmas carols.  And, if naughty kids got too close to theme, they’d spit on them.  And, we’d all laugh and have such a merry time!


Ok, back to the real world.  As Jessi’s momma would say, “You can wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up first.”

Raise 30K for a New School

How do you raise 30K for a new school? Let social media help!

Are you someone that likes to take a selfie photo? Did you answer YES? If so this could be a great opportunity for you! Did you answer NO? Maybe this cause will move you to snap one and show your support!

Have you ever joined a movement to help others? Did you say YES? Awesome, thank you for your contribution to others. If you answered NO, this is a simple movement to join on July 25, 2014. All you need to do is snap a no-makeup selfie and post it publicly on your social media network tagged with #RFGoNaked. For each no-makeup selfie posted by men and women on that day $1 dollar will be donated to educate and empower students! What a movement! I am sure you can help us meet the goal. The question is WILL YOU?

My recent selfie at the circus

How can your selfie help?

Your publicly shared selfie tagged with #RFGoNaked is worth $1 towards the goal and will help to raise 30K for a new school which will in turn help to educate and empower students! You can share what you are doing with others and why, which in turn may move them to help. Social media is a powerful tool and with your help we can raise these funds before lunch time! Your picture will have that kind of power in this movement! I think that makes it very worth it when you snap it makeup free! You may think, makeup free, but letting your guard down for one instant will really say something to the children we are supporting!  All children need to be educated and empowered! What is more empowering than seeing all the people that support this cause and knowing that they cared enough to share their photo for the cause? You may not be opening your wallet personally, but you are taking the time to show you care! Sometimes when we show we care that is more moving and harder to place a dollar value on. If you believe this to be true, PLEASE HELP and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT on July 25, 2014!

Snap your selfie and tag it with #RFGoNaked to show your support on July 25, 2014!

Why should you care?

In our day and age, we can never have too many people looking out for us and caring for us! The Rodan+Fields Prescription for Change Foundation is an organization that is helping to restore hope for those in need. They are helping expand their reach by adding new partnerships each year. This movement is to help support buildOn in the creation of a new school. Children all over the world, and even in the United States, need schools, resources to learn, a building to learn in, won’t  you help?



Here is the impact the Rodan+Fields Prescription for Change Foundation is creating by doing good in the United States! Lives are being changed and changed for the better. With your help we can make a bigger impact this year! Here’s to #RFGoNaked Day – July 25, 2014. Please mark your calendar and JOIN the movement.

The PFC Foundation is helping to change lives!



What is HONOR? How does it apply to your walk in life?


If you are a business owner, you may think of honor as


If you are in the military or formerly in the military, you may think of honor as


If you are a parent you may instill this in your children, when you think of honor


If you are a teacher, you may think of honor as


If you are a person of faith, you may see honor as


No matter your walk in life, it is probably best to feel this way…


As we embark on Memorial Day Weekend please take time to remember and HONOR those that gave all for our freedoms in the United States. Blessed are we to have a Happy Memorial Day 2014!


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

As I celebrate Easter this year with my family and friends, I am reminded of the many blessings in my life. I have been blessed with 2 children and my loving husband. Every day that I have with them, I think about how God has shaped my life from that of a single woman with no big desire to have kids to that of a loving mother and wife.

As I worked for 13 years in my teaching career, there were many children that I loved as my own because a teachers that is what we do. However, I never knew how much I could truly love a child until I had my own. I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be their mother, teacher and guide in life. Some days are tough, but God has also given me greater patience as I age.

As I continue my journey in life as a mother and wife, I am also thankful that I have been given an opportunity to continue to help others through teaching. It is not teaching in the traditional role as I had before, but through teaching others about how to care for their skin or to change their life by becoming an entrepreneur. My journey as an entrepreneur is allowing me to continue to be at home with my children and raise them. It is a blessing. Thank you God.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.

Happy Easter to you!

Women-Owned Businesses


Southern Diva's Vendor Events | Pop-up and Shop Night
Southern Diva’s Vendor Events | Pop-up and Shop Night


Spring Creek Barbeque
Our Venue for the Pop-up and Shop Night is SPRING CREEK BARBEQUE. Store Partner – Matt Barrett | 6068 FM 2920, Spring, TX 77379 | Phone (281) 251-6828

At Spring Creek Barbeque you’ll find the Great Taste of Texas!

What has made Spring Creek a favorite dining destination for over 30 years? First and foremost are our delicious barbeque specialties – ribs, beef, chicken, sausage, ham and turkey. All are hickory-smoked to perfection, and our ribs are then chargrilled for extra flavor. We feature wonderful sauce made from our own secret recipe, fries and okra cooked to order, fresh salads with homemade dressings, giant loaded baked potatoes, and the best home-baked bread you’ll ever taste. While you are there don’t forget Spring Creek Barbeque offers gift cards, their original barbeque sauce, and catering options for your special events! A HUGE THANK YOU to Spring Creek Barbeque for allowing us to set up and share with our community!


Southern Diva's Vendor Events

Southern Diva’s Vendor Events by Vera Manseill coordinates vendor shows and fundraisers, like this one. I work with the small businesses to help grow and connect through networking and referrals. My mission is to build solid relationships within our network, be an active member of the community and support local charities. Contact me to set up an event!


Tara Buck_R+F_collageTara Buck, Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields, will share dermatologist created, clinically proven multi-med therapy skincare products & cosmetic tools to combat the signs of aging, reverse sun damage, treat/prevent acne, and soothe sensitive skin. Skin consultations can be completed while you are at the event. Click here to learn more about what is right for you before you arrive or call me at 281-222-8280.

silpadaClaudia Castillo will showcase Silpada. It is the finest quality, handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry with a lifetime warranty allowing women to feel their best inside and out. Click here to learn more, shop, host or to sell. Contact me at 713-380-9013.




DAMSELChelsea Moore, Independent Pro, with Damsel in Defense will provide Safety and Personal Protection Products for women! Our adorable yet affordable line features safety kits for the car, pepper sprays, stun guns and security on the go for women and children! More information about ordering, hosting a party and joining the Damsel Mission can be found on my website.



bellaroma collageDeana Clark will share Bellaroma. Candle safety is our number one concern…and with our candle warmer lamps & lanterns, glimmers, and our #1 seller Candle Aire…you can get the look and feel of a burning candle without the flame, soot or smoke. Our Candle Aires are smartly decorative, house your wax in a easy to change tin, flicker like a candle and feature a fan that circulates your favorite fragrance! Shop 24/7 or call 281.706.6894.


vault denimKay Allen Robichau is showcasing Vault Denim. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try on great designer jeans at discounted prices. We carry ALL sizes 0-24 in ladies, and also carry skirts, capris, shorts, mens and children….NO hassle shopping! Try on and take home with you! Click to contact me or call 281-827-8910.

pink zebraLori Shear will share Pink Zebra Home Fragrance & Home Decor. Unique Soft Soy Sprinkles for your simmer pot. Blend the sprinkles together and make your own scent. We also have Simmering Lights, choose a color of base and pick your favorite shade. Hand lotions, hand soap and reed diffusers are also available. Click to contact me or call 281-235-7348.
pure romanceMekia Crump will intrigue you with Pure Romance. The hottest party in town! Awesome Friends. Amazing Fun. It’s time to get together with your friends for a night of ultimate fun. Book a party today!


our hearts desireAnnett Allen will share Our Hearts Desire. Opportunity Hope Desire. Offering customizable lockets and bracelets, amazing hair care and more!

pampered chefSherry Pausky will help you discover the chef in you. The Pampered Chef offers a full line of quality kitchen tools, cookware, stoneware, bakeware and cutlery. We also have a pantry line that includes rubs, seasonings, sauces and infused oils. With over 50% of the catalog under $20, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget! Click to contact me or call 713-398-2441.



Initials IncMerry Lynn Guy, Independent Creative Director, will present Initials, Inc. Initials, Inc is a fashion design house that blends style and function for everyone. With fabulous prints and free personalization always… Initials, Inc is a line you will love. Shop online call me at or 713.591.3682.




plexus slimSyreeta Smith will share Plexus, a health and wellness company. We pride ourselves in providing the most natural products to assist in weight loss, pain relief, breast health and overall wellness! Our most popular item: Plexus Slim! Drink it once a day for weight loss and amazing health benefits. Drink Pink & Shrink! 60 day money back guarantee! Ambassador #146228 call me at 281-940-4MEE.



perfectly poshCessna Foster will share Perfectly Posh. It is a collection of all natural spa and pampering products that are formulated, made and manufactured in the USA!
Click to contact me or call me at 281.826.2755.




YouniqueVera Manseill will share Younique. It offers naturally based cosmetics and 3D Fiber Lashes! Our products are hypo-allergenic, paraben free, gluten free, filler free and never tested on animals. Our Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes will triple the length and volume of your eyelashes, while conditioning them and looking completely natural. Click to contact Vera Manseill or call me at 281-415-5769.



VeraWealthy Sisters Network is a national organization based on women building generational wealth by being RICH in their Mind, Body, Sprit and Relationships! Vera Manseill is the president of the WSN Klein Chapter.






April Fools’ Day

April 1
Yikes It It April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools’ Day to you!

Ever wondered, “What is April Fools’ Day ? or Why do we celebrate April Fools’ Day?” Well I did, since it is also my dad’s birthday. I was wondering why we celebrate this day each year with pranks, jokes and simple silliness. So I did a search on the internet and found this information at

What is April Fools’ Day?

An observance which takes place in many western countries every April 1, traditionally known as April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day (aka Poisson d’Avril – “April Fish”-  in France). It’s a day when humor reigns and harmless pranks, practical jokes, and hoaxes are socially sanctioned. Customary practices range from simple tricks played on friends, family, and coworkers to elaborate media hoaxes concocted for mass consumption.

Theories of origin:

The origins of April Fools’ Day are obscure. The most commonly cited theory holds that it dates from 1582, the year France adopted the Gregorian Calendar, which shifted the observance of New Year’s Day from the end of March (around the time of the vernal eqinox) to the first of January.

According to popular lore, some folks, out of ignorance, stubbornness, or both, continued to ring in the New Year on April 1 and were made the butt of jokes and pranks on account of their foolishness. This became an annual tradition which ultimately spread throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

A major weakness of the calendar-change theory is that it doesn’t account for a historical record replete with traditions linking this time of year to merriment and tomfoolery dating all the way back to antiquity, and not just in the west.

The ancient Romans, for example, celebrated a festival on March 25 called Hilaria, marking the occasion with masquerades and “general good cheer.”

Holi, the Hindu “festival of colors” observed in early March with “general merrymaking” and the “loosening of social norms,” is at least as old.

The Jewish festival of Purim is also quite old. Coinciding with the advent of spring, it’s celebrated every year with carnivals, pranks, costume-wearing, and frivolity.

It’s not unreasonable to suppose that the calendrical changes of the 16th and 17th centuries served as an excuse to codify a general spirit of mirth already associated with springtime rather than a direct inspiration for April Fools’ Day. But we’ll probably never know for sure.”

So that gave me a good read about the history of this fun day, but I also searched for some cute and easy pranks for you to play on your loved ones, friends, and coworkers.

Here is what I came up with….

At home, you might enjoy these:

Fake Toilet paper roll
False Toilet Paper Roll
the food is watching
The Food is Watching You!
lunch friends
Lunchbox Friends

At the office, you might enjoy these:

Mouse Prank
Mouse Prank
flip the image
Flip the image on your coworkers monitor.
changing genders
Changing gender signs on the restroom doors

Now, if you give these a try, I want a full-length laugh report including comments made by the recipient of the prank and how long it took you to quit laughing about the prank. In the spirit of fun, please enjoy these carefully as not everyone likes a good prank, especially at work.

April Fools' Day
Happy April Fools’ Day