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When I think of Thanksgiving I think of…

Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I think of when I think of Thanksgiving. What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? Any similarities or differences? Share with me in the comments. I would love to read about what you think of! Thank you!


10 Things #IamTHANKFUL for

10 Things #IamTHANKFUL for

As I begin the #IamThankful Blogging Event this November, I must say, I am thankful for those people in my life that have inspired creativity in me! I am also very thankful that I have several people that have committed to joining me to blog on my site this November. I hope  you all enjoy reading what we are thankful for! Oh, and this does not count on my list, because that might take up too many line items. Please leave some comments below or on other posts so we can see what you think about our writings.

  1. my Creator and the Creator of all things in our universe. He gives me life and can take life away. I am blessed and thankful He continues to allow me to be present on Earth, even with all my faults.
  2. my family – husband and two children – they are my inspiration for all I do. I am thankful that God blessed me with such a loving, supportive husband and two beautiful children that are respectful and curious about their world.
  3. my extended family – including blood relatives, in-laws, and outlaws. They are all a treasure and I am thankful to call them family.
  4. my life – it is such a wonderful life filled with happiness and love
  5. my friends – too many to count and new ones are being made daily
  6. my mentor – I could not do this today without having been introduced to an incredible teacher of technology and going through the process of learning with her this past year. I pray she continues to mentor me and bless my life.
  7. my experiences – the road in life is not always easy, but it has shaped me to be the person I have become. I am thankful to have made it to where I am now and God willing, to continue on a great path for many more years.
  8. my shortcomings – I am human and imperfect as such. I am thankful for these imperfections because they allow me to continue to learn, grow and develop into a better person.
  9. my strengths – It is not bragging, but I am thankful I have been able to learn new things in the area of technology and for the doors that have been opened for me to continue to work at home with my two small businesses so I can raise my children.
  10. my teaching career – for 13 years, I was in the classroom teaching other children, but that has enabled me to really focus and be intentional about how I explain things to my own children as they grow. They both love to pick books out to read and they will focus and listen to a story and ask questions after. It is a blessing that they can be so engaged and ready to learn. I am thankful I am able to be their first teacher.

Thanks for reading! Check out this post from Jennise Beverly from Monday. Enjoy!




My Favorite Part of Fall

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to listen to my favorite part of fall. What is your favorite part of fall? The change of the seasons, the weather, the celebrations? Share your comments below so I can learn more about you!

Happy November!

#IamThankful Blogging Event

Thanks for taking the time to listen and find out more about what we will be sharing this November. Please leave comments of encouragement for me and all the guests blogging during the #IamThankful Blogging Event! We appreciate it more than you know.

Happy November! I AM THANKFUL!

#IamThankful #socialchallenge Blogging on Thankfulness


What is the #IamThankful #socialchallenge? What will we be doing during the month of November? Here are the answers to those questions and some details about how you can get involved in this #IamThankful #socialchallenge!

We are going to share things we are thankful for, some of our Thanksgiving traditions, things we do to celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of November and the attitude of gratitude all year. Are you ready to learn more about me and the guest bloggers?  Well, we are ready to share with you!

Why November you ask? November is the month that a lot of people celebrate and give thanks because of Thanksgiving. So I am honoring the Thanksgiving tradition by getting a group of bloggers to take part and share their point of view on various topics of thankfulness in life, business and in general. We certainly hope you enjoy reading and giving us comments and feedback.


But wait, have you ever wanted to write your own blog? be a guest writer? There is still time to get involved! Want to know more about what we will be sharing or what you could join us in sharing? Contact me and I can email you the details. Bookmark my site and be sure to check back weekly to see what we have contributed to the #IamThankful #socialchallenge. Use the share buttons to let others know about what is going on during this event. Make COMMENTS on each post to share information about yourself on the writer’s topic or even better contact me to become a guest blogger as well! The goals are to learn about each other and to share in thankfulness during this #IamThankful #socialchallenge.

Can’t wait to get started! I truly am thankful you have taken the time to read and I do hope you share with others and/or join us!

Click here for more details.