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#SocialChallenge Day 30: List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for

List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for

Here is my list in no particular order, but with emphasis on #7…. lol

1. Good mother

2. Loving wife

3. Hard-worker

4. Ambitious

5. Good friend

6. Creative

7. One that completes what she starts! (blogging challenge)

8. Teacher that cares

9. Woman that supports others

10. Giver


#SocialChallenge Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I am not sure if there is one particular thing that people misunderstand about me the most, but sometimes, I might be thought of as too direct. I mean when people ask you a question, don’t they want an answer? If they did not want an answer, why are they asking? So when you tell them the answer and then they get all bent out of shape because they don’t like what they hear, what are  you to do? Do you ever have that problem? That is what I am talking about.

In this light of being direct, I feel like sometimes I am a person that sees things as either black or white, but not a shade of grey in between. That might be misunderstood as well. People may see me as not willing to give an inch. I think that is probably a misunderstanding. I will listen and hear them out, but in being direct, if I don’t think something I hear is quite right, I don’t give an inch, but rather stand my ground and keep with my values and integrity.

Not sure if this would be considered a good or bad thing, but it is just me. When I was a teacher, I found that sometimes people were too wishy-washy in the classroom. I liked structure, organization, and routine. I think this helped my students learn best. They may have not felt the same at the time, but as I continue to stay in touch with some of them, I have had many of them thank me for the way I kept the order in my classroom and helped them to learn.

So if being too direct and not seeing things in shades of grey are misunderstood about me and my personality, don’t worry, I am a pretty reasonable person and will listen nicely!

#SocialChallenge Day 28: What is your love language?

What is your love language?


I had never really heard about the 5 love languages until recently. We went camping with a friend and she had invited some of her family out to join her and her son. We were all roasting s’mores around the campfire and the topic somehow came up because we were talking about our kids and how they act. She began to describe the 5 love languages to me, and I thought this just makes sense, pretty logical assessment of how people receive love from others.

I took the assessment test to determine my love language and it turns out I am:

Words of Affirmation: Actions don’t always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, “I love you,” are important – hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten. Kind, encouraging, and positive words are truly life-giving.

Want to find out your love language? Take the test here: The 5 Love Languages

#SocialChallenge Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Now this may come as a shock to many people, but I have to say that my favorite body part would be my breasts. Now this is not in any way what you are thinking, so please hear me out. As a mother, I have come to understand exactly how amazing breasts really are.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read a book a friend gave me about breastfeeding. One book. I really did not research too much else on the topic, but it seemed like a pretty simple thing to do and I would never have to wash bottles! That sounded like a good thing because I really don’t LOVE to wash dishes. Do you? I would always have my child’s meal with me since the production point was my body. Another good plan. Packing more things in addition to diapers and changing supplies could get complicated. What if I forgot something, what would I do then? So at one of my pregnancy checkups, my doctor asked me what I intended to do once my child was born – breastfeed or use formula. I told him I would breastfeed my child. Guess I had made up my mind and I never looked back.

So the journey of breastfeeding began on June 2, 2010 and lasted through July 30, 2014. WOW! That is an amazingly long time…. don’t you think? Keep in mind though I had a second child in that time, but there was never a break from breastfeeding….


My first child nursed throughout the second child’s residence in my womb. She came to the hospital on the day her brother was born to meet him of course….. lol, no really to get her time with mommy. It was actually pretty funny to have some nurses come through and ask me questions about nursing her throughout the entire pregnancy and during my time there in the hospital. The nurses asked me if you could really do that, ummm, yes…I am and nothing crazy is happening. Shortly after (1 month) her brother arrived, she finally gave up nursing cold turkey. I don’t think I could have handled tandem nursing for much longer. My patience with the process of feeding two of them at different times and so forth because I was not going to try to feed them both at the same time grew very thin. Personal preference I guess, but it just seemed too complicated to try to knock it out for both of them at the same time. Perhaps, I even encouraged her to give it up by telling her that her little brother REALLY needed the breastmilk more than her and he needed it to grow big and strong too. She was happy, healthy and a terrific fruit and veggie eater, so I knew she would continue to get enough good food by way of her healthy eating habits.

I have said all this to say, that I am truly amazed at what the human body is able to do. My body took what I gave it during that time and created a life-giving food to nourish my children. It helped us to bond and allowed me to nurture them with my own body and what it could supply. I was blessed to be able to take this journey with both my children and watch them grow and flourish from the nourishment that came forth from my breasts. Pretty amazing, if you ask me!



#SocialChallenge Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

Kids go to School to Learn

I know this might sound a little crazy, but I think the world is very wrong about kids going TO school to learn. This popular notion seems to be hindering our children and our society! Children are such sponges at an early age and yet so many are not given much in terms of an education until they enter Kindergarten at age 5. So what about the years from birth until they enter the educational system?

Some parents work with their kids and give them experiences, life lessons, and may even work on numbers, letters, and teaching them how to read. However, I feel that there is a large portion of our society that just WAITS. Waits until the child enters the school building and has no idea what is going on in the world and EXPECTS miracles in education to happen. By an early age, if children are exposed to books being read to them, they learn how to hold books, and turn pages, and how to tell a story of their own, but yet so many kids walk into a Kindergarten classroom and have NONE of these concepts. NOT ONE! How does this happen in our day and age? I just do not understand that kind of mentality of a parent. Oh, they will teach them…. REALLY, what are you doing?


Do you interact with your child on a daily basis? Do you talk with them? Walk with them? Play with them? Read to them? Roleplay with them? Play dress up or put on puppet shows? There are so many things that children can do at such an early age that stimulates their brains and helps them to become problem solvers at an early age and a creative thinker. They want to learn, they are driven to understand their environment. They want to understand cause and effect. They want to put things in order. They are little adults, but some treat them as if they can do nothing for themselves or can not think for themselves. I am certainly not saying to let them venture out in the world without an adult, but I do feel like there are other cultures that understand how to PUSH youngsters to be more than just a baby or a toddler, but a real critical thinker. I do wish more people in the world valued the younger years of the child and gave them more to challenge their minds!

#SocialChallenge Day 25: If you could have dinner with anyone is history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Dinner with anyone in History

tarabuck_self-portrait-1910_renoirIf I had the opportunity to have dinner with someone in history, I would select Pierre Auguste Renoir.  I enjoy looking at art, but have never felt so connected to a painting as I felt to Renoir’s piece Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette. I think I fell in love with this painting the very first time I saw it. The light sparkling across the outdoor scene with men and women conversing and dancing. It is truly a beautiful space. They all look so into what they are doing, mingling with each other and enjoying life even with all those frilly clothes on. Oh, to have been alive in a time where there was no AC and to have to wear all that…. they are some troopers!


I would take Renoir to an outdoor cafe and chat with him while we enjoyed a small dessert as our meal. My dessert would have chocolate in the ingredients without a doubt. He on the other hand might opt for something a little less indulgent. We would enjoy the conversation about art, life, society, and whatever else I rambled on about. I would love to understand the times he lived in, so I am sure I would talk to him about his life as an artist during the impressionist era of art. As we finished our dessert, we might take a moment to have an after dinner drink to keep things relaxed.


#SocialChallenge Day 24: Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs your family dynamic now

Family Dynamic of Childhood versus Family Dynamic Now

tarabuck_familyoffourAs a child, I grew up in your typical family of four household. My parents both had full-time jobs and I had an older brother. We grew up three blocks from my grandparents and with aunts and uncles within walking distance too. We were a pretty ‘normal’ family. Parents worked, we went to grandma’s when we needed a sitter after school. We played sports in school and at the local parks. We were in little league baseball or softball from age 5  through 18. Some years the parents coached, others, they carted us around and cheered us on. We were expected to take care of our pets (always dogs) and do our household chores which ranged from dishes to laundry or anything above, below or in between that we were told to do. We were in magnet schools through middle school and high school and took challenging classes therefore, we always had tons of homework to complete. Many a night was spent at the kitchen table completing homework before chores were done and we were able to go to bed. We never missed out on anything that I can remember at this time, but had a pretty fantastic childhood with vacations to places like the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty. We had summer season passes to Astroworld and enjoyed growing up in the same place for all our years as children.


tarabuck_familyAs a parent, I am now a stay at home mom. I am a former educator, so I understand the importance of education. I love to read to my kids and play games with them. I take the on adventures every week! We are usually out and about more than we are at home because they have their favorite places to go to, just like I have my favorites to take them to. It has been a HUGE blessing to stay at home with both of my children since they were born. My husband is a very hard working man and I love him with all I have for blessing our family with his awesome determination to always do better for us. I started my own small business when my son was 6 months old and have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of owning a business. There is always room for improvement, but I enjoy the challenges and the rewards. The biggest reward – staying at home with my kids and being able to work from where ever we might be.

So while I did not grow up with a stay at home mom, I know there were times when my mom was laid off from her job and she was there with us at home and we probably did more at that time than when she worked full-time, but we never wanted for anything and I want my children to be the same – to always have what they need and know that they are so very LOVED!

#SocialChallenge Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them

List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them

Softball – I grew up playing softball and LOVE it. It is great for exercise, but when you have a regular team to play the sport with, it makes it even more FUN. There is no I in TEAM when it comes to playing a sport, so everyone has to learn to work together for the greater good and the team as a whole.

Cycling – I consider this a hobby because I like riding my bike, but don’t necessarily love it. I was challenged to ride the MS-150 a long time ago and with that I took that challenge and killed it for 12 years. So cycling was fun or I never would have rode my bike from Houston to Austin for this fundraising event for 12 years in a row. I ride now, but just for fun with the family.

Photography – I love to take pictures to capture the ‘moments’ in life. I wish I knew more about how to better capture all those moments, but I have never taken a class on photography.

Homemade Arts & Crafts – I see cute little projects online and I think, I need to do that with the kids. I save these ideas and we work on craft projects here and there when we have time on rainy or too hot days. I like that craft projects are made with LOVE.

Cooking – I consider this a hobby rather than a skill. I can do it, will do it, but am not the best at it. So since I am still learning how to cook, I consider it a hobby.

#Social Challenge Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Where do you see yourself in…the future

Always a hard question to answer, but as a stay-at-home mom with a small business, I know that I will be enjoying each day in my life until then.

In 5 years? I will be 44, with a 9 year old and a 7 year old (4th grade and 2nd grade). Time will have flown by so quickly, but I am positive, I will be the mom with kids that are involved in every extra curricular activity known to the world, from dance to sports. My kids will be flourishing under the care of myself and my husband. They will be on the receiving end of the best education. I will be super excited that I am still able to be there for them each day of their lives with the flexibility of my work schedule.

In 10 years? I will be 49, with a 14 year old and a 12 year old (9th grade and 7th grade). The kids will be embarking on a new journey with middle school and high school. The times have continued to change, but their strong upbringing will have them grounded in love and happiness so they will be successful at everything they do.

In 15 years? I will we 54, with a 19 year old and a 17 year old (college student and senior). We will be close to the empty-nester status with our children almost grown. As I type this, it is hard to imagine that is only 15 years away. Currently, my kids are my everything, so it will be difficult to let go as they begin their adult journey.

So how does that describe where I will be? I am not sure, when I am home all day, everyday, with my children, my life is not really my life, but ours. We do everything together – the three of us now – and my husband is right there with us when he is not at work. Being so involved with the kids changes the way I view my life. Simply because I can not see me without them. So no matter what road I travel in life, I know I will always have my babies as priority number 1.


#SocialChallenge Day 21: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

One SUPERpower

If I could have just ONE superpower, which one would I choose? To fly, leap tall buildings in a single bound, have super-human strength, or speed? I don’t think I would really want any of those. I remember watching super heroes on television when I was a kid, or reading about them in comic books. But I don’t think I ever wanted any of their superpowers. So I have pondered this question for a while today and as I lay my child down to sleep, I finally determined the one SUPERpower I would like to have if they were being passed out tomorrow.

tarabuck_bewitched_collageI would want the SUPERpower that would be most useful to me as a mom, wife, business owner, homemaker, friend, you know the one person that is expected to get it all done and then some! I would want the power of these two famous ladies…. Jeannie and Samantha!

Now I am sure some of you, like me grew up watching these two shows on television. These ladies did it all – they ran the household, managed their husband’s life, the family routine, the neighbors, etc. They always had it going on and kept all things running smoothly! All they had to do was twinkle the nose or nod that head and poof whatever that needed to happen did happen in a split second. Now that would be cool! Dinner? Sure, poof! Bathtime, nod, done! Party arrangements completed, poof, absolutely! Now that would be terrific to use in any way I could imagine. Need to be at a certain destination on time, poof, you are there! Don’t want to dry my hair in the morning, poof, it is dry for me. Now wouldn’t that be nice. The possibilities are endless for what this SUPERpower could do. Imagine it and it could be with one simple twitch or nod.

tarabuck_IDreamofJeannie_collageYes, I do believe whatever this SUPERpower is called, it is the one I would want to have.

Now, what would I do with this super power FIRST? Depends on who called for help. Someone is sick, needs a helping hand, if they asked, I could make it happen with this superpower. This would be the most AWESOME power around town.

So what about you? What superpower would you like to have and what would you do with it?