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#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about me – Norma Arriaga


Hello my name is Norma Arriaga. I’ve never participated as a guest blogger before but want to start up my own blog some day! So this challenge will give me awesome practice while meeting lots of new friends! So here we go!

1. First and foremost I am a royal daughter of an almighty king in Heaven! God is the center of my life.

2. I am a homeschooling mom and wife learning the ropes of this challenging but very rewarding, alternative form of education for my children.

2. I have the two most beautiful girls in the world! My nine year old, Natalie and my 4 year old Sophie. They are my heart!

3. I met my husband Cesar on the dance floor as he came dancing over to me! I always picture John Travolta on the dance floor on the movie Grease and that’s the best I can describe that night! Hahaha… if you met my husband you would never believe this, as he is a very shy guy! Been married 11 years, August is our wedding anniversary month 🙂

4. I joined the military right out of High School and served ONLY my very BASIC enlistment term. Taught me discipline, how to carry 30lbs on my back while TRYING to run, crawled under barb wire in mud trenches while grenades flew overhead (assimilated war, it felt very much like WAR!) I learned how to breathe in a gas mask and the effects of taking it off while still in the gas chamber … not my best experience but I got brownie points for serving my country during that time in my young adulthood and formed a special bond with people that became like my brothers and sisters.

5. I loved school as a child and LOVE books!! During the summer months instead of going to the pool or hanging out with the neighborhood kids, I cuddled on the couch with romance novels and read them from cover to cover! I loved Romance novels then, I DO NOT do Romance novels anymore! Still love to read but my reading selections have changed quite drastically!

6. I dreamed of being in a “Novela” (Spanish Soap Opera). I remember an agency coming to our home trying to take me to audition because they were going to make me famous.. lol! My mom would not have it and we wouldn’t have been able to afford it either.. so my dream ended in winning 3rd place at a beauty pageant. Sometimes I wonder what if, hmmm….. I teach my girls “What if” does not exist, so that’s that.

7. I have a slight case of OCD. It may be more serious than what I may think but I find myself straightening out stuff all the time, noticing a white spot or small piece of white paper on my chocolate brown laminate. Stuff like that.. makes me wonder.

8. I love to travel. I was lucky to visit Paris about 12 years ago. What a magnificent place! Visited Hawaii and Canada about 10 years ago. Was able to visit many major cities in Mexico while working for Continental Express Airlines.

9. I’m an ambivert. I love the party scene, party planning, socializing but I LOVE my quiet alone time! I try to get the best of both worlds.

10. I’m a coffee addict working on quitting, not really.

11. My favorite adult beverages are Red Vino and top shelf Margaritas.

12. I do not like drinking out of tall plastic cups. Has to be glass! Yes, I know I’m a little crazy too. I may need to add that as a fact all by itself.

13. The beach is the ideal retreat. Warm sand between your toes while reading a good book is inexpensive therapy.

14. I care too much. I would elaborate but the result would be a small reader book.

15. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca, raised in San Bernardino, CA. Moved to Texas in 2000 and embrace the country life now.

16. I’ve bungie jumped, ridden a motorcycle and love horseback riding.

17. I’m a secret writer. I’ve been writing since I can remember and tuck every single written piece of paper in a box away. There are trails of written pieces everywhere I’ve been, I’m sure.

18. I’m blind as a bat! I MUST either be wearing my glasses or contacts, otherwise it does not matter if you are in my face, I will have to squint to distinguish your unique features and figure out who you are!

19. I’m a sweet and salty kinda girl.

20. And last but not least.. I’m an It Works distributor working on growing my team, sharing our amazing natural health and beauty products.

Wow, that was not as easy as I thought it’d be! Makes me think how little I pay attention to myself and how little I actually may even know myself. What a great way to get back in touch with oneself! I hope you enjoy reading a little about me. I know I’m enjoying reading and getting to know everyone!

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Things About Me… Olga

tarabuck_1_DayOne1_socialchallenge20 Random Things about Me

1. I am originally from El Salvador.
2. I came to the states when I was 9.
3. I have lived in Houston for the last 25 years.
4. I have 1 son.
5. I met and shook the hand of Queen Elizabeth in May of 1991.
6. I am trilingual.
7. My first job was as a salesperson of cellular phones.
8. I graduated from UH in 2004.
9. Then Saint Thomas in 2012.
10. My favorite color is black.
11. I love food.
12. My husband is Italian.
13. I do not know my father.
14. I lived with my grandparents for 3 years while my mother migrated to US.
15. One of my favorite artists is George Strait.
16. I was a teacher of English and Reading of 8th graders for 4 years.
17. I resigned because my son was born at 28 weeks.
18. I am a stay at home mom.
19. I have been to Italy a total of 7 times since 2011.
20. I am very friendly.

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts About Me – Jennise Beverly-Chaffold


Hello! I am Jennise Beverly-Chaffold. I am a mom, daughter, sister, friend, and pretty much anything else I can dream up for myself on any given day. I love the vigors of being eclectic, whimsical and free to create. I hope you enjoy reading the 20 random fact about me. Leave a comment, or send me a message on facebook (my second home).

  1. I am born to write, but many of my writings are trapped in my hard drive, dying to be released. (somebody set them free).
  2. I hate wet socks and soggy food more than anything. Eating a piece of Tre Leches cake while stepping in a water spill with socks on would be the beginning of my demise.
  3. I never knew you could love a person so much and so deeply until I had my son, and daughter.
  4. A cheeseburger, fries, and a large Dr. Pepper does for me what cigarettes, or liquor do for others, but it is too the enemy. So I don’t indulge often.
  5. Growing up I was a tomboy, I was converted to a sophisticated girly girly at the age of 40.
  6. My favorite pass time is reading, it is such an intimate past time, you can get in the mind of that author and feel what they felt when they wrote the book.
  7. I love freedom to choose; I do not like being confined, or made to feel trapped. Working in setting where my creativity is stifled, robs my spirit so much.
  8. I am better in small intimate setting, I like to really get to know people and talk about real thing and not just the weather, surface conversation are dull to me. I like to really go deep and see what and how people really think and feel.
  9. I laugh really loud and I talk loud when I get excited.
  10. I am a natural health nut. I believe in my heart herbs can cure many things; not delirium, I’ve tried! LOL
  11. I don’t like the lime light or being the center of attention .I like to sit back and observe before the lights automatically gravitates to me. LOL
  12. I love things of comfort, warm socks in the winter, yoga pants, sweet tea, and fuzzy blankets; soothing music. I like to be comfortable all the time. I surround myself with the comforts of life 95% of my day.
  13. I love to cook gourmet meals; I’m southern and can’t cook soul food.
  14. I don’t like turtle neck sweaters at all, no attractive and too hot. If you are wearing one, please don’t ask me how you look!
  15. Pineapple is my favorite fruit, spinach is my favorite veggie, mix the two and you have a great smoothie.
  16. Stevie wonder is my favorite singer ever!
  17. My favorite things in the world are my kitchen gadgets, and my Vitamix gave me life, Omega juicer the Bentley of Juicer, and my Food Processor and I have a very committed love affair.
  18. I love being a beautiful black woman, and I stay out the sun as often as possible, because my tan is already perfect.
  19. Motivating others motivate me, it is a cycle I need it as much as I give it.
  20. Structure is necessary, but being stuck in one way of doing something over and over again terrifies me. The movie Ground Hog Day-Says it all.

So now you know 20 random things about me. Post a comment, or share.

Jennise Beverly-Chaffold


#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Me…Sharlotte Jackson


Hello. My name is Sharlotte and I am an introvert. But I’m entering a new phase in my life and career and it’s time for me to come out of my shell. That’s why I am taking part in the Social Challenge. This is the first day of the blogging challenge, so let’s make it interesting. I’m going to do something I rarely do and that’s share some facts about myself.

  1. I started working at the ripe old age of 15. I worked for a tree trimmer.
  2. I’m a middle child.
  3. I absolutely refuse to eat chitlins and pigs feet, but will eat fried chicken liver in a minute
  4. Last year I managed to watch Star Wars and not fall asleep for the first time ever. My friends would be so proud.
  5. I put mayonnaise on my greens. It’s not weird.
  6. My favorite book in high school was Tess of the D’urbervilles
  7. I lived in Detroit for 1 year and I actually loved it.
  8. Both of my children wear hearing aids.
  9. I was the only one in my family who didn’t need glasses.
  10. Every New Year’s Eve I treat myself to pate or smoked salmon. Sometimes both. You only live once.
  11. My sister beat me in a Spelling Bee. My younger sister. I was devastated.
  12. I used to play flute in high school and I played the piccolo in college.
  13. I took my first dance class at the age of 23.
  14. I spent a summer in Boston for an internship. It was nice, but no place like home.
  15. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19.
  16. I only watch the 1st ten minutes of the Wizard of Oz so I can see Dorothy sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
  17. My original degree is in computer science.
  18. I have a Master’s degree in psychology.
  19. I have only owned 2 cars. I rode my last car until the wheels fell off. No really, the wheel fell off.
  20. I am a secret nerd and I watch Japanese anime. My favorites are Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to get to know you. If you’re feeling brave, leave a comment telling me what you think. If you’re feeling really brave share a random fact about yourself, too.

#Social Challenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Myself…Jennifer Larivey


20 Random Facts about Myself…Jennifer Larivey

Taking this challenge is a great opportunity.  You would think that listing facts about yourself would be easy but it’s not as easy as it seems. LOL!  So I challenge you to make this list.  You will learn a lot about yourself and make you aware of “WHO YOU ARE!”


  1. Mother of 3 Beautiful Girls
  2. Professional woman
  3. Author
  4. Publisher
  5. Area Director of WSN for Texas
  6. Oil & Gas Consultant & Advocate
  7. Professional Speaker
  8. Passion for Empowering Women
  9. RollerCoaster Enthusiast
  10. Most of my closet is filled with Black & Red
  11. I love the colors: purple, pink, & blue
  12. Wake up at 4 am everyday
  13. Own 2 magazines
  14. Advocate of Healthy Living
  15. Wellness Coach
  16. Love Networking & Connecting People
  17. Hospice advocate
  18. Love to Dance
  19. Love to Write
  20. Love Social Media

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Sheldon Buck


The Big 20 about Sheldon Buck

1. Graduate of Texas Tech University
2. Grew up in Humble, TX
3. Civil Engineer by trade
4. Lived in Georgia
5. Spent 3 months in Australia
6. Reconstructed a home in the Heights
7. Worked on designs for a hundred wastewater plants
8. Graduated from Humble High School
9. Have 2 children
10. Currently designing my dream home
11. Have broken my wrist once
12. Enjoy Rving with the family
13. Have been to 4 countries
14. Snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef
15. Have been to Mt. Rushmore
16. Own a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
17. Raised chickens in FFA
18. No tomatoes on my What-a-burger
19. Diet Coke is my soft drink of choice
20. Married to Tara Buck

#SocialChallenge Day 1: List 20 random facts about yourself


20 Random Facts About Me
Tamara Hancock

Today’s writing challenge asks that I simply LIST 20 random facts about myself.  Although it doesn’t ask for elaboration on said facts, I feel inclined to provide some in so that you get a better understanding of each fact.  Also, I’m going to cheat a little bit in that the first 7 items on my list are copied from my blog.  Someone else asked me for 7 random facts about myself last year, and turns out they’re still true, so I’m recycling them here (I did edit out all the profanity first, though.  You’re welcome.).

  1. I don’t wear bras or panties unless I absolutely, positively have to.  We’re talking gun to the head kinda stuff.  I don’t go sans drawers because I think it’s sexy or my coochie needs to be aired out or I’m one of the leftovers from Woodstock.  I go without because those contraptions are just too constricting and they make me feel claustrophobic. When I get claustrophobic, I tend to get stabby.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m stabby.
  2. I’m anal about “even stevens”.  Things have to be balanced or I start seeing spots and my tongue starts to swell.  If there’s an end table on one side of the sofa, there better damn well be another one on the other side.  And, if you’re gonna hang a TV on the wall, it better be right in the middle of the wall or I’ll go nuts. This is why I can’t eat an open-faced sandwich or wear my hair like Deb on Napoleon Dynamite.
  3. I once stole a Cover Girl mascara from Woolworth’s.  I had no intentions of stealing it.  I was planning on having my brother steal it for me in exchange for a stack of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, but that jerk wanted to charge me $2 cash for the steal (he was an entrepreneur at an early age).  So… I swiped it myself.  Afterwards, I broke out into hives and kept watching my back thinking the FBI was going to bust me at any moment.  I suck at guilt-free thievery.  I never stole anything after that.
  4. My poop doesn’t stink.  Literally.  It smells beautiful no matter what I eat.  It’s like honey suckle with a hint of citrus.  I get compliments from Hubber all the time. I’m all, “I just took a dump, do not go in the bathroom”… and he goes in anyway and is all, “Baby, it smells awesome in there.  It’s all flowery and nice.”  True story.
  5. I shave my arm hair.  And, I don’t mean just my pits.  I mean my ARM hair, too.  I can’t afford to wax and I’m a hairy heifer. I don’t want to be confused for a sasquatch, so I put a razor to that stuff on a regular basis.  I blame my heritage.  Mexican women are hairy, ya’ll.  Thanks a lot, Mom!  If I had $300 right now, I’d go by myself a No-no.
  6. Unlike most geniuses, I do NOT suffer from insomnia.  You’d think that with an IQ like mine and a brain as big and juicy as mine is, I’d have the burden of too much thought – so much so that I’d stay up all night thinking and thinking and thinking of crap.  You’d be wrong.  When I hit my pillow, I pass out, y’all.  I can sleep and sleep and sleep.  I love to sleep.  And, I can pretty much sleep anywhere and under almost any condition.  Except, under water.  I tried that and I almost drowned.
  7. I have been watching The Young and the Restless for 26 years.  It all started when I was 13 years old and I went to spend the summer in the valley with my cousins.  They got me hooked on that darn show and I haven’t missed an episode in 26 years.
  8. My thumb toe is the longest toe on each of my feet.  People with long second toes think I’m weird.  But, I think THEY are the weird ones. Also, my toes are slightly double jointed.  In a cute way, of course.
  9. My given middle name is Aurora.  Like the princess – except more awesome.  When I got married, I dropped my middle name and made my maiden name my middle name.  For some crazy reason, I thought it was important for my career that I keep my maiden name so that people would know who I was.  Because I was THAT popular.  I’ve grown up since then, and I’ve become less delusion about who I think I am and I sometimes regret dropping ‘Aurora’.  It was my grandma’s name and I miss her.
  10. I am the proud owner of a 1983 20-ft Minnie Winnegabo.  Her name is Minnie.  She’s pimped out with homemade curtains, shaggy carpet and fun bumper stickers.  It’s the only way I’ll ever go camping.  Speaking of which…
  11. I recently became a Girl Scout troop leader.  I hate camping without the Minnie – so I plan on skipping out on those trips.  But, I’m making everything else work for now.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I do not like children; I threaten to quit every other day.  Basically, my troop is lucky to be alive.
  12. I spend between $10-20 a month on lotto tickets.  When we hit it big, Hubber and I plan on building a family compound around a lake. But, first, we’ll buy a small island in the Caribbean.
  13. I do not like green eggs. Or, green ham for that matter.  The Dr. Seuss book, though, is one of my faves!
  14. I believe in Big Foot.  And, I also believe in an imminent zombie apocalypse. I wonder who would win in a fight?  Big Foot or the Walking Dead?
  15. I own over 400 books. That’s a rough estimate.  I just asked Hubber how many books he thinks are sitting on bookshelves in our apartment and he says “at least 500”.  But, that guy is king of exaggeration… so, without manually counting them, I’m gonna go with 400.
  16. I have a mounted jackalope head named Hugh.  Hugh Jackalope.  He’s adorable.  He keeps me company at my desk while I tinker away on my computer.  The plan was to buy him some friends…but turns out these things are expensive.  I’m considering taking up taxidermy.  How hard can it be?  I could start with my dog.  I love my dog bunches, but when she dies, I’m turning her into a footstool.
  17. I own a sewing machine.  However, I use anything BUT my sewing machine to actually sew.  It intimidates me… it stares at me all superior and snickers at me with all its bobbins and tricky mechanical thingamajigs. I plan to conquer my fear of sewing machines real soon. Until then, liquid stich it is!
  18. I’m near-sighted.  Extremely near-sighted.  I would love to have corrective laser surgery but I’m scared to death of the thought of a laser that close to my eye.  I can’t even keep my eyes open during eye exams when they move red light closer and closer.  Don’t even let me get started on the puff of air test!  I break out in hives every year at eye exam time.
  19. I love to travel but I hate leaving home.  If I could take home with me everywhere I go, the world would be a perfect place.  I’d get to always sleep in my bed… always have my morning Hubber cuddle… always have a restroom with an operable vent fan… always have my dog to rub my feet on.
  20. I only have to go to my office once a week.  The rest of the days I work from home.  It’s a cush job, ya’ll…. I’d be happier if on that day each week I could roll out of bed, put my hair in a scrunchy, brush my teeth, walk next door in my pjs t get to work… instead of driving an hour out into the country to get to the office.  The boss says, “why don’t you just move out here to make your drive easier on Mondays?”…. She might have a point.

Well, that’s it, folks.  That’s me in a nutshell.  Until tomorrow!

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Things About Me


The Random 20

  1. I have traveled to 8 countries in my lifetime, more to come… I am still young.
  2. I never wanted to have kids, currently have 2.
  3. I met my husband on e-harmony, too bad we haven’t done a commercial for them yet.
  4. My parents sold the home we grew up in when I graduated from college and said good luck in the world.
  5. I don’t like nicknames even though I had a couple growing up.
  6. At age 5 my mom and our Avon lady pierced my ears with a regular needle, ouch!
  7. I was in JROTC in high school and loved it, but my dad said no to any thoughts I might have had for a military career.
  8. I was given a gift of a puppy at age 8, named her Emily, she lived 16 years.
  9. I have seen a ghost.
  10. I do not like to watch scary movies.
  11. I wanted to know if dogs could swim, so I threw my puppy in the ditch and watched to see what would happen. She made it.
  12. Tootsie Rolls are consumed instantly upon sight, every last one of them. I am not lying, don’t test me!
  13. I have a tendency to let my hair grow out long and then on a whim go and chop it off to very short again.
  14. I would never go skydiving again.
  15. I snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef.
  16. I went alone and carrying only a backpack to Italy and France to see the artworks I had selected from my college art history book. They were more awesome in person.
  17. I refused to speak in my high school Spanish class because the class had mostly fluent speakers and I was intimidated thinking they would think I sounded funny pronouncing my words.
  18. People say I don’t have an accent even though I was born and raised in Texas.
  19. I love rocks.
  20. I do believe in the power of prayer.

#SocialChallenge: 30 Days of Blogging

#SocialChallenge: 30 Days of Blogging

What is it? What will we be doing during the month of August? Well, here are the answers to those questions and some details about how you can get involved in this #socialchallenge!

Are you ready to learn more about me and the guest bloggers? We are going to blow up social media with tidbits of info about us! We are prepped and ready to enter August with the #socialchallenge of blogging for 30 days.

Click here to connect to my facebook page.

Have you ever wanted to write your own blog? be a guest writer? or do you just like to sit back and read? No matter what role you play, get ready to see the huge splash we are going to make during August 2014 and beyond.

Want to know more about what we will be sharing? Check out our 30 topics below, bookmark my site and be sure to check back daily to see what we have contributed to the #socialchallenge. Use the share buttons to let others know about what is going on during this #socialchallenge. Make COMMENTS on each post to share information about yourself on the daily topic or contact me to become a guest blogger as well! One of the goals is to learn about each other during this #socialchallenge.


This is going to be a SUPER FANTASTIC #SocialChallenge and EXPERIENCE! Can’t wait until AUGUST 1st!