Our Wedding Venue

The ceremony and reception will take place at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas. If you would like to see the wedding venue we have selected, visit www.briscoemanor.com.


In 1835, Parmenas Briscoe of Mississippi purchased a league of land from William Andrus in what is now known as Fort Bend County, Texas. Texas, at this time, was a part of Mexico and because Parmenas was not a Mexican citizen, the purchase was through a trustee, William Walker.

The league consisted of 4,605 acres and was purchased for a total price of $3,089.25.

Parmenas Briscoe passed on the land to his son James Montgomery Briscoe in 1838. James and his wife Susan Mason Briscoe traveled to Texas and established a home on the land that same year. The third home on the original Briscoe land was constructed in 1898 and is still being lived in by a Briscoe today.

James Briscoe’s family established a large corn and cotton plantation on the land, which reached from the Brazos River at Rosenberg, north along the west side of the current FM 723, to nearly FM 1093 (or Westheimer Road). The land was used for farming until the late 1930s, when operations changed to cattle ranching.

Today, the new Briscoe Manor continues that Texas legacy. Rooms and outdoor areas named for family members bring a sense of history to the limestone walls and remind guests of Briscoe Castle, the original Briscoe settlement in Crofton County, Cumberland, England. Of that castle, only the sandstone Coat of Arms remains, salvaged by the family and sent to their home – Texas. It resides in the Briscoe Family cemetery located just north of Briscoe Manor.

In the fall of 2004, the Briscoe family decided to open the pages of their history book and invite guests to experience a distinctive event experience. Their family heritage is reflected through the hallways and the pathways of this elegant estate, Briscoe Manor.

True Elegance. True Heritage. Briscoe Manor – continuing our legacy.

Experience Texas Heritage first hand, while on the grounds of Briscoe Manor.

In our pasture to the South of the facility, our own small herd of Texas Longhorn Steers roam the lush green grasses and enjoy the shade of the large Pecan trees.

Today, the age of the Longhorns ranges from 12 months to 18 months old. Briscoe Manor plans on adding more steers to the herd in the near future. The brand used on our Longhorns is a backwards “B” and a normal looking “M”.

For more information and the history of the Texas Longhorn, please visit the “Texas Longhorn Breeder’s Association of America” at: www.tlbaa.org


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