#IamThankful for Social Media

#IamThankful for Social Media

Social media has been a rewarding and caring culmination of efforts. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and Facebook contacts have a good variety of interesting and sometimes comical posts in 2014. I am thankful for those following, connecting, friending and circling, and I enjoy hearing what interests all of you most. You encourage and inspire our business trends, practices and outcomes.


Recently in 2014, my husband and I joined efforts in the himandmethe2ofus blog. It proves interesting joining our separate and mutual interests and I find Doug has caring, loving comments among them.

I am thankful for Doug’s consistent work history on the Oil Rigs on The Great Lakes and off Newfoundland and in the U.S. 17 years at a paint plant, Almatech, in London Ontario, as well, has brought him to a happy retirement in 2012. He continues by playing an important role in our home business.

God Bless you all this November 2014.

Kindest Regards,

Ellen Towne


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